Dorn Dance Company Los Angeles, (DDC) creates provocative, dance-theater works that play in the land of the haunted – childlike nightmares, relentless longing, shadows, should haves, mayhem, and madness.

An homage to the misfit and thoughts unseen, Dorn’s strong female vision is a psychological circus for the senses. Disrupted intimacy and bombastic camp clash in unflinching performances by movement mavericks. Sensual and raw in language and clarity, Dorn’s work questions our deepest motives with confrontational self-awareness. Visual and musical geniuses grace the work, charging the landscape with a contorted energy, disfigured in its beauty.

Fueled by the complexities woven into the everyday exchange, Dorn Dance Company’s mission is to bring awareness to the personal, profound, and darkly comic moments that map our collective narrative. Blending traditional and idiosyncratic movement with multidisciplinary innovation, Dorn Dance creates immersive, visual encounters that are sexy, devastating and bold.


Mix Match Dance Festival

August 31st at 2pm, Miles Playhouse, Santa Monica


The 2nd Annual Blaktina Dance Festival

Sept 4-6th, 7:30pm, Bootleg Theater, Los Angeles California


High Voltage Dance Series

Sept 5th at 9:15pm, Electric Lodge, Venice


Dorn Dance Company premieres THE COLORED ROOM in San Diego!

Sept 20th at 8pm, White Box Theater at Liberty Station (One Night Only)