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Merging international culture, folk danc...

If you are going to What: Brigham Young University International Folk Dance Ensemble ‘Voyage’ When: 7-8:30 p.m. March 9 (Longmont) and March 16 (Loveland) Or: Longmont High School, 1040 Sunset St., Longmont and Thompson Valley High School, 1669 Eagle Dr., Loveland Cost: $ 12 More information: From Irish jig to American clogging to Polynesian […]

Nalmes Folk Dance Spectacular Brings Ady...

The women of the Nalmes dance troupe perform in a majestic style. Russia is such a vast country that it continues to produce self-sustaining republics that few outside the region have ever heard of – all with their own folk dance ensembles. One of those places is Adyghea, an enclave lost in the bushy foothills […]

Savior of folk dance

Characteristics Debbie jacob Sunday February 3, 2019 American photographer Carl Van Vechten’s iconic photo of Beryl McBurnie. Photo courtesy of Carl Van Vechten Estate. There are people in Caribbean history who transcend even the highest notion of heroes and come under the realm of what we call “characters”. Beryl McBurnie is a character. Its biographer, […]