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Sorsogon sets Guinness World Record for ...

Sorsogon (CNN Philippines, October 31) – Sorsogon set a new Guinness Record for the largest presentation of Filipino folk dance in one place. The Sorsogon Provincial Information Office said a total of 7,127 people took to the streets of Sorsogon town on Thursday and danced to “Pantomina sa Tinampo,” a folk dance mimicking the “courtship […]

Folk Dance Club enlivens tradition – Whi

Junior Tamsen Shissler works with community members on various folk dance techniques. Photo by Amara Garibyan Traditional Romanian, Israeli, Greek and other dance styles come to life at Whitman College thanks to the Folk Dance Club. The Folk Dance Club is a student-run organization run by junior Tamzen Shissler and sophomore Alicia Cover. The club […]

Crowdfund Kung Fu Boogie player, an augm...

Kung Fu Boogie Paper Toy Character Line (Los Gatos, CA) – Playper, a company specializing in paper-based and augmented reality-enhanced toys and games, announced the launch of its first product to market via Kickstarter on October 8. Kung Fu Boogie is a new augmented reality dance fighting game for kids. It incorporates the creation of […]