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Croatian National Folk Dance Association

When dancers from the professional Slovak folk art ensemble Sl’uk took to the stage at the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb last September, not everyone comfortably seated could have known what to expect. Known for their acrobatic and zealous performances, Slovaks have circled in the air, mirroring the celebratory movements practiced by their ancestors at […]

Legényes at home: social media challenge

During this period of home quarantine, more and more challenges are appearing on social media sites, including movements that encourage exercise, healthy eating or environmental awareness. The initiative of the Hungarian National Dance Ensemble, the To dance Legényes at home!, asks folk dance lovers to show off their dancing skills at home. Since the start […]

Two Kerala dancers launch line dance bat...

‘Quarantime Online Battle’ is underway for those pursuing different dance styles Arjun Govind and Vineeth AV relentlessly practiced their dance moves for the dance battle. What if the contest takes place online? They want to give the best of themselves because they have been selected for the next round. “I do krumping and an online […]

Peter Weber changes the rules of the dan...

Peter Weber is being trolled by fans on Reddit for his rules regarding his dance battle with Tyler Cameron to raise money for coronavirus aid. Tyler Cameron has finally broken his silence regarding Peter Weber’s challenge for a dance battle. After what seems like an eternity, Tyler finally answered Peter’s dance challenge via an Instagram […]