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Watch: SuperM engages in a fierce dance ...

SuperM are the next guests on JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything”! In the preview released on August 22, SuperM is called K-pop’s “Avengers” by Kang Ho Dong. Although several of the SuperM members have previously been guests on the show, this is SuperM’s first appearance as a group. Kang Ho Dong also mentions that this is […]

‘World of Dance’ doesn’t treat all dance

“World Of Dance” is the most exciting dance show television has ever seen. Unlike shows such as “So You Think You Can Dance” or “Dancing With The Stars”, “World of Dance” functions more like a sports tournament than a dance competition. Solos, duets and groups of dancers compete against each other in multiple rounds, clashing […]

International folk dance club steps to z...

When COVID-19 ended many student activities at UMass Lowell last spring, UML folk dance club president Sarah Bustin did not take the time to sit down. Life without folk dancing would be difficult for Bustin, who says her body and soul are enriched by the human connection it brings. The Folk Dance Club would continue […]