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Electronic Dance Music – What is it?

Electronic dance music, also known as electronic dance music, party music, or just dance music, is a large collection of punchy electronic soundtracks designed primarily for clubs, raves, and parties. Dubbed the ‘new school’ of electronic music because it was born out of a mindset associated with the roots of modern club culture – house, […]

Understand the different styles of fast ...

Techno Trance is among the most recognized names in the modern world of electronic dance music. He was born in the early 80’s when the rave scene exploded all over the United States. People quickly began to copy the looks and techniques of trance music, especially hip-hop and break dance. trance music has a special […]

Underground atmosphere | 067 –

“Keep Yourself Up” – Anthony Sceam & Orion Released via Final Haus, “Keep You Up” sees producers Anthony Sceam and Orion show off their strengths in stunning fashion, crafting a minimal yet infectious tech house record. “The Space in My Head” – Denzel Moiz Part of Denzel Moiz’s debut EP, “The Space in My Head” […]

What are electronic dance music concerts...

Electronic dance music or DJ music concerts, as they are also called, are becoming more and more popular over time. Maybe that’s because they were made available on high definition video and you can actually feel and see the performers moving around the screens and interacting with the audience. Live performances can be intimidating for […]

Internet radio stations for electronic d...

Electronic dance music internet radio stations on the internet have grown so much in popularity that many people consider them to be the new way to get music. Now people can listen the way they want and not have to worry about paying a lengthy monthly subscription to a music service. Instead, they can just […]

Top 5 Best Electronic Dance Music Labels

Electronic dance music labels have been a rather new and exciting type of promotion for anyone looking to enter the electronic dance music scene. At first it was quite difficult to find a DJ who actually sold his music due to the fact that all the major record companies had their own styles and images. […]

Tips for Avoiding Security Issues at Ele...

Electronic dance music events are taking the world by storm. It is not uncommon to see thousands of people at these events all over the United States and Canada. If you’ve never been to a rave or an electronic dance music event, you’re missing out on one of the biggest gatherings in modern society. What […]

Morenada: Bolivia and Peru compete for A...

To the rhythm of drums, cymbals, rattles and trumpets, hundreds of dancers marched in front of the Bolivian government palace on Tuesday to defend the morenada, an Andean folk dance of uncertain origin, declared cultural heritage by Peru last week . Costumes full of sequins and multicolored masks combined with the thunder of drums under […]

The best electronic dance music mix

Who found the best electronic dance music mix of 2021? Well you’re in luck if someone did. Because there is only a limited number of people who can come up with something like this. And it is indeed a very difficult task to find the best EDM to accompany any song. It can be weeks […]

Electronic dance music from the 80s | A...

Electronic dance music has become an important part of popular music since the 1980s. Thanks to the Internet and websites like YouTube, you can now download and watch videos of vintage dance pieces. Many DJs have a collection of classic tracks that they play at parties, nightclubs, and other events around the world. If you […]

What is electronic dance music?

What is electronic dance music? Electronic dance (or EDM) is music that has been recorded and contains elements of live dance performance. Many artists create their own forms of electronic dance music and DJs around the world. Electronic dance is also sometimes referred to as hip-hop, breakdance, pop dance, urban / hip hop, space dance, […]

Dance battle: Peru and Bolivia fight ove...

Countries typically fight on land, water, airspace, fish, and more. In the midst of a pandemic, some are fighting for vaccines. However, Peru and Bolivia are fighting for something totally different. There is a diplomatic row between the two neighbors over ancient dance forms and Bolivia is now threatening to knock on UNESCO’s door. The […]

Meme songs in electronic dance music

When it comes to electronic dance music, the trend is to move from DJs to producers and sometimes back. The new wave is made up of producers who sound for fun and are influenced by the new age. He is also very influenced by break dancing. However, producers of all genres are starting to realize […]

Music producer REICK dances on his upcom...

‘Good Love’ will be released worldwide on May 21, 2021. It features a unique blend of dance music and Latin pop. Indian DJ / music producer REICK has teamed up with 2x Grammy nominated singer / songwriter Jimmy Burney for a new summer song called ‘Good Love’. “Good Love” is the second collaboration between REICK […]

Video drops as mum Fella challenges mum ...

– Moms of celebrity couple Fella and Medikal were seen dancing – The duo showed off their dancing skills to mark the celebration of Mother’s Day around the world – Many celebrities including Ras Nene took to social media to celebrate this special day Our manifesto: this is what believes in The mothers of […]