During the pandemic, I picked up a few hobbies, Twitch streaming, online shopping, and fishing. Now I still only do a few, but fishing is by far one of my favorites.

I have friends who used to go fishing in the Yakima Valley when I still lived on the west side. Now that I’m in Yakima, I’ve made it my mission to find good fishing spots around town. Now I will share them with you.

Sarg Hubbard Park

Some Yakimites love Sarg Hubbard Park when it comes to fishing, especially for kids. If you’re a parent wanting to share your love of fishing, this is a great place, you’re not guaranteed to catch a fish, but once stocked for the season (and it was), it’s a great place to catch a fish. It’s a great place to fish.

Yakima Sportsman State Park

This park is amazing for camping, getting away from life for a bit. The best part about this place is that it’s an amazing place to go fishing, not only can you make your regular trout lines, but it’s a great place for fly fishing and even a bit of shore fishing. bass.

Harlan Landing

This park has been called an amazing place to catch fish, but it’s also a convenient place if you’re someone who likes to fish from a boat. They have amazing boat ramps and trails so you can really escape the day, or take a quick walk if you find yourself empty-handed.

Yakima River Fisherman

This is the one I’m dying to talk about, my boyfriend and his family come here every year to go fishing, the pictures they shared with me are you, I don’t know if there’s one another b point to fish in the valley, but it certainly takes the cake, with huge fish and all kinds of fishing you could ask for, it’s a great place to post. If you don’t end up catching anything, you at least had a great day on the water with friends and a cold beer.

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