Yinka Olatunbosun

Interdisciplinary artist of Nigerian origin, Israel Akpan Sunday has the mission to thrill the public of Hamburg in a poetic jam session with the production of “Afroconfusionist”. Produced by Family Production and SIA Projects, Afroconfusionist is a mish-mash of political and cultural-historical references, styles and sentiments that combines music and dance.

Presented by a team of four dancers and two musicians, choreographer Israel Akpan Sunday revealed that the group will use their culture to question the concept of indecision. Funded by the Hamburg Ministry of Culture and the Hamburgische Kulturstiftung, the production was driven by the need to explore the multicultural resources of the artist’s home country, Nigeria. Sunday, who currently lives and works in Hamburg, is an interdisciplinary artist who draws on the sociological, political and economic issues of his contemporary society to question the system.

Her performance style is characterized by a fusion of everyday movements and behaviors with contemporary dance and live music. His works are sensual, poetic and political. For example, his 2017 production titled “Consider Me Mad Projects,” he appropriates the human body as a performance tool in a dance workshop that toured several African countries, including Uganda.