Bhubaneswar: Known for fusing dance and fitness, Odia choreographer Anupam Nayak aka AnupamZ still has something up his sleeve with his new brand called “Bworkz”.

This Bollywood Indian music and dance routine will prepare instructors around the world to teach the Bollywood dance style incorporating Indian folk dances like Sambalpuri, Bihu, Garba, Ghoomar, Bhangra and Lavani.

AnupamZ is accredited by the American Council on Exercise, one of the world’s leading certification provider brands. “India is a great opportunity for every entrepreneur to disseminate their work and as an Indian it is also my responsibility,” said the choreographer.

“I plan to work in India, especially in Odisha, to broadcast this program as a regular dance and fitness routine for children and adults. Dance training will help fight the COVID blues, improve mood, reduce stress and keep them fit physically and mentally, ”he said, adding:“ I’m leaving for India in 2022 and I will strengthen this program. He was supposed to come to Odisha for a reality show but had to cancel his trip due to COVID restrictions.

Anupam has already made numerous dance fitness videos on Jaiphula, Sagada Gadi, Likri Jhikri, Kindri Kindri Odia-Sambalpuri songs in America. He is currently in Canada where he teaches both online and offline.

AnupamZ crew members Michelle and Crystal are the chief instructors of “Bworkz” in the United States. Monalisa Mandal and Yogesh Nepali promote it in Dubai, while more than 10 instructors teach “Bworkz” in Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Assam, Mumbai and Berhampur.

On their last visit to India in 2019, AnupamZ had around 60 people rocking their music at a Bollywood Dance Fitness night and fundraising event for underprivileged children in Patia, Bhubaneswar.

Along with his team member Abhisek Samal, Anupam Z has performed many latest Bollywood tracks like London Thumakda, Chogada tara, Malhari and of course the famous Jaiphula song!