Dance music is the reservoir of the divine gift of music. The music is getting bigger and better than ever, with back-to-back artist releases, returning festivals and more planned.

A central part of it is the fan. It is thanks to them that this is possible. Fools drive the wheel. Do you have such a big fan that you are considering giving something away but can’t find a suitable gift? Don’t worry, we have some ideas for you.

With so many options to choose from, the giveaway just got more flamboyant than ever. It would be nice to do something special for someone who has a strong passion for music.

Below is a list of the best gifts you can buy them:

Festival Tickets

It’s the perfect way to show our loved ones how much we appreciate their passion for dance. The pandemic has long left our shoes hanging. There’s never been a better time to go to a festival than now, when everything is opening up and all the festivals are making a comeback.

Tickets for the basic 3-day festival start from $150-160, which is a great starting price considering the lineup and number of days. Seeing all their favorite artists in one place will be their happy place forever. If you want to make things more memorable, you can always choose a full festival package, which makes the experience even more memorable!


Oh boy, these are in Trent right now! NFTs are used by artists and musicians to auction off various forms of digital media to their fans. You can buy the artwork, maybe unreleased versions, or the rights to the songs themselves!

There are countless NFT artists making and selling right now. Don’t wait, this could be the gift of a lifetime for any dance music lover.

Custom clothing and accessories.

It’s 2022 and you know customization is any fan’s way of showing their love and support. Be it shirts, hoodies, caps or whatever, wearing the clothes gives fans a special feeling and also makes artists happy as they know who is supporting them for real. Wearing it makes you part of the artist.

Phone cases, wristbands and wristbands are the new additions to fans’ daily styles.

Personalized coins, stickers and enamel pins

Stickers are the things that go “Ouuu la la”. Tier 1 ravers still have the advantage of getting them for free. You can always visit the artist’s website to find them. Stickers with printed lyrics, song names, or something with the artist’s logo are always cool to put on your laptops, cabinets, and phone. Here’s how to create custom die-cut stickers.

Another choice is to make custom pieces, suitable for musical activities. You can create them with your favorite artist, your record company or even the lyrics of your songs. Here’s how to create custom parts.

And if you’re not sold on the above, you can even choose to create custom enamel pins. These pins add depth to the look and are therefore a very popular choice when it comes to music related events and festivals. They can accommodate almost any design, providing a variety of choices when it comes to choosing your favorite artist to print on.

Personalized tote bags and diaries

Tote bags are all the rage right now. The easy tote is ideal for quick shopping or running errands. They are also called the new handbag for a casual day. Certainly, a must are newspapers. A pen and paper is all you need to write down how important dance music is to you. Music lovers love to write down their favorite lyrics, draw their favorite artist, and make a list of all the festivals they want to go to. The diary will surely help them keep track.

Gift cards

If you’re still unsure what the best gift might be, just give a gift card to their favorite artist’s shop! Gift cards are one of the best things since your favorite person can now choose exactly what they want from the store. It takes the stress off your head and also lets the other person choose the options in case they don’t want anything in particular.

You are all caught up now by the current gifting trend.

Go ahead and make someone’s day!

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