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Judge moves forward with key Boy Scouts ...

DOVER, Del. – A Delaware judge on Tuesday refused to delay a key hearing that could determine whether the Boy Scouts of America can come out of bankruptcy later this year with a reorganization plan that would compensate thousands of men who say they have been sexually abused in their homes. childhood. The Boy Scouts, […]

Purdue Pharma bankruptcy insider speaks ...

One day last spring, Ryan Hampton had a secret meeting with David Sackler, whose family company, Purdue Pharma, was accused of helping precipitate the opioid crisis. Hampton was the co-chair of the Official Unsecured Creditors Committee (UCC), a powerful group that represented thousands of people and entities with claims against Purdue in what was then […]

Homeowners File for Bankruptcy to Protec...

Support local journalism Your membership makes our reporting possible. {{featured_button_text}} Operators were hoping for a resurgence once the pandemic subsides and restrictions lifted. The building’s website says the Sky Events Center and the Tea Room have reopened. In the meantime, the Nelson’s have received court clearance to sell three of their vintage cars – a […]

Committee wants to file its own plan in ...

DOVER, Del. (AP) – A committee tasked with representing tens of thousands of alleged victims of child sexual abuse in the Boy Scouts of America bankruptcy on Wednesday called on the judge to end BSA’s exclusive rights to file a plan to reorganization, so that he can file his own. The committee’s filing in court […]

Shotgun Willie’s ends bankruptcy case be

The latest thing to come out at Shotgun Willie? Bankruptcy protection. The Glendale Strip Club pulled out of the Chapter 11 process over the summer, eight months after filing. Shotgun Willie’s did not come out of bankruptcy in the traditional sense, with a reorganization plan in place. On the contrary, the club at 490 S. […]

Bishop’s Lodge owner files Chapter 11 fo

A group of partners belonging to Bishop’s Lodge have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection with the US bankruptcy court in Delaware. The decision of the majority owners of the property came against the wishes of its managing member, Richard Holland. “We didn’t need to file bankruptcy,” Holland said in an interview on Wednesday. Holland […]

What is an automatic stay? | Debt

If you are searching for the term automatic stay, you are probably thinking about filing for bankruptcy. But on a positive note, an automatic stay offers bankrupt people great relief from debt problems, just when they need it most. We will explain. What is an automatic stay? An automatic stay is a federal injunction that […]

What Can Creditors Take In Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is often used as a last resort because it comes with risks and drawbacks. To help minimize risk, laws are in place to protect you while providing creditors with a portion of the debt repayment. When you file for bankruptcy, you don’t have to give up everything you own. Bankruptcy is a process designed […]

Chapter 7 vs Chapter 13 Bankruptcy | De...

Bankruptcy is a legal process, often seen as a last resort for individuals or businesses, that reduces or eliminates the obligation to repay certain debts and offers a fresh start. But this can be confusing because different chapters of the file bankruptcy code can be applied, depending on whether the debtor is an individual or […]

4 New York dioceses file for bankruptcy ...

Four of New York’s eight Catholic dioceses have file bankruptcy in part because of a flood of sexual abuse lawsuits authorized by the state’s Child Victims Act. The law has allowed victims of childhood sexual abuse to come forward over the past two years to bring legal action against those they hold responsible for the […]