Kung Fu Boogie Paper Toy Character Line

(Los Gatos, CA) – Playper, a company specializing in paper-based and augmented reality-enhanced toys and games, announced the launch of its first product to market via Kickstarter on October 8. Kung Fu Boogie is a new augmented reality dance fighting game for kids.

It incorporates the creation of 3D characters made 100% from paper with all the fun of dance fights to create a unique AR experience for kids on mobile. Key features include that it is proudly eco-friendly and non-violent, while providing a practical approach that is both simple and straightforward for children of all ages.

Inspired by 70s Kung Fu culture, the game revolves around epic dance battles between a series of ten different characters. Players can collect characters by purchasing blind bags. The player then builds each 3D character out of paper, which is a fun twist on the modern paper doll and papermaking.

After the toy is assembled, the player uses the free Kung Fu Boogie app on their mobile device to scan the toy and bring it to life as a character for the dance battles.

Kung Fu Boogie Pinball and Chuck Lee Characters – Battle for the Boogie!

Each character in Kung Fu Boogie features unique moves and abilities, making them an exciting addition to their collection. Players can earn achievements and level up throughout the game by unlocking new dance moves, costumes, and other features.

Kung Fu Boogie is the result of research and focus groups with parents, kids, and toy experts. Player is led by leaders in children, technology and CPG. Founders Michael Bruza, Webb Knudsen, and Susy Christiansen have been in the children’s content business for two decades now, working for companies like Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, PBS Kids, Scholastic, Walden Media, and Leap Frog.

They are motivated to create experiences that help young minds see the world in new ways, find skills they didn’t know they had, and grow into curious adults.

The first focus group parents said, “Love that this uses both craft and technology in a new way – so interactive and incremental! While other games may require a series of expensive purchases, Playper’s Kung Fu Boogie only requires the paper character sold in affordable blind bags.

“Most of us already have a device,” said one parent. “You don’t have to buy special glasses or something expensive for kids to use. “

Playper has designed captivating characters and stories around Kung Fu Boogie. From the supposed boogie master, Chuck Lee, who is the epitome of Kung Fu with his bright orange gi (kung fu uniform) to the fiery Pinball, a character inspired by retro arcade games. With such diverse characters, Kung Fu Boogie promises not to be a toy that collects dust on a shelf!

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Player, thinking of playing with paper, promises to deliver products that offer both interactive storytelling and the perfect combination of digital and hands-on play. The company believes in the magic of delivering a product that captures the imagination while providing a safe gaming environment. Playper is also committed to being environmentally friendly with its paper products and avoiding the use of plastics.

Playper wants to build a fun, forward-thinking and creative future of play for children. Kung Fu Boogie is the first of what is expected to be a long line of great kids’ products that will appeal to parents and kids alike.

Press release via: Player