This article was originally published on 25.03.20

As the United States plods through the second week of widespread social distancing, many of us are feeling the impact of cabin fever and near-constant family unity. For many families, the last 10 days have felt like a combination of “Yay, more quality family time!” and “OMG, no more social distancing in this house, please.”

We’re also all looking for bright lights of joy amid all the pandemic-related unease and uncertainty and the Starkey family in Denver, Colorado provided some of that joy this week.

Chris Starkey posted a video to Facebook Monday of himself and his daughter Brooklyn dancing to Flo Rida’s “Low” — and it’s surprisingly awesome. Starkey wrote, “My daughter dared me to dance and told me I don’t have it anymore. See that closet in the back, she’s still crying in it!!!” So much silly shade thrown into this family, it’s delicious.

When you see their funny banter and Starkey middle-aged man moves, you’ll understand why the video has been shared over 280,000 times in two days. Starkey wrote in a comment that the reaction brought tears to her eyes and encourages everyone to “give back to your community” right now. He also says another video will be coming on Monday.

Excellent. We need this kind of levity more than ever.