Street dancers gathered for a special break-dancing battle and showcase concert to raise money for the humanitarian disaster in Ukraine.

The concert, organized by the Body Rock Isle of Man dance school, saw a team of dancers of all ages perform at the Studio Theatre, Ballakermeen High School last Sunday evening.

It features a hip hop dance performance by the school students, stunts and tricks including windmills, heads ups and backflips and participates in a break dance battle, which pits the students against each other others to see who can improvise the best and throw the best moves and routines to the music.

The night also heard live rock music from bands from the Soundcheck youth music project, local rapper “MProv”, better known as Mike Provatkis, as well as live DJs, who played while the dancers were happening.

Body Rock teacher Dave Cowley said the party was put on at short notice to try and raise money for the crisis and the idea of ​​a break dancing ‘battle’ gives the student a chance to show off their skills against each other.

“A breakup battle is a competition in which two dancers, or teams, compete against each other,” Dave said.

‘The music is usually mixed live by a DJ and there are no routines or pre-prepared choreographies – everything is improvised on the spot by the dancers.

“Battles are a form of conversation. The judges are looking for a dancer to offer a retort to what they have just seen on the other side of the floor.

“Dancers are judged on technique, musicality, originality and how they respond to their opponent.”

There were six dancers in the junior competition and eight in the senior dancer class.

There was also a group of teenage and adult dancers, led by Dave himself.

“Hip hop began as a way for communities to support and support each other, a message that we incorporate into our messaging as teachers, especially with the young people we work with,” he said. he declares.

“Whether her students are helping each other in the classroom or doing something to support our local or global community, we want them to know they can make a difference.

“The event was a huge success, with many people showing up to lend their support and a total of £640 which was donated to the Legits Foundation which supports war-affected families.”

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