Okay, you can sit your dog down, but can he perform a Filipino folk dance?

Facebook user June Lazarte posted a now viral video of a Chihuahua playing two weeks ago ringing, a traditional dance in the country that involves people banging bamboo poles on the ground and against each other, while several dancers step over and between the poles as they dance to music played by a rondalla ensemble (a rondalla is a string instrument).

In this case, Bullet the Chihuahua flew solo for his performance but audiences think he completely nailed it. Watch him dance with all his heart.

Lazarte said Coconut Manila through a telephone interview that Bullet is 1 year and 5 months old. Lazarte has trained animals of all kinds: dogs, cats, chickens, pigs, birds and even rats.

Lazarte is known as the trainer of Saver, a smart white a lap (mixed breed dog) who has appeared in commercials and movies.

According to Lazarte, Saver inspired the promulgation of the law of the Republic 8485, or more commonly known as the animal cruelty law. The a lap died in 2009 at the age of 13.

Lazarte said he taught Bullet how to play ringing because he’s seen a lot of dogs go viral for dancing cha-cha and other styles. He thought this video could bring some of the country’s culture to the world.

“I thought to myself, why don’t I teach Filipino culture through this dog,” he said in Filipino.

In addition to being excellent pets, Chihuahuas are smart and quick learners. Pair it with an expert animal trainer and you’ll get so much more:

In another video, Bullet can be seen balancing on a ball:

Internet users seemed to like the ringing video the most because it has garnered over 1 million views and 18,500 shares at the time of this article’s publication.

Facebook user Juvy Avellaneda wrote: “Hahahaha !! You even beat me, Bullet. I don’t even know how to dance the ringing. “

Facebook user Thea Arra Mae Cabase tagged a friend and said: “[So] [this] is the ringing, one of the traditional dances of the Philippines. Lol, i’m just tagging [you] in [this] Because I know the doggo beats [you] with his adorable doggie ringing [dance]. “

Facebook user Concepcion Clark wrote: “Amazing job you did [with] [your] dog. He / she really learned to dance. I even had a hard time learning it. Congratulations to you master trainer of your dog.

Twitter user @msydeleon re-shared the video on Monday and said: “BITCH I SEEN THIS ON FB AND I LOSE MY SHIT OH MY GOD”

Same here, sister.

@anaavictorriaa responded with a Snoop Dogg meme with a note that read, “This is the cutest shit I’ve ever seen.”

@daneywayne compared Filipinos to the rest of the world: “Non-Filipinos: I just taught my dog ​​to roll over. “

“Filipinos: I just taught my dog ​​to ring. “

“Wow he’s better than most HAHAHA people,” @IAmJazminGo said in Filipino.

“Ahhh, this baby can dance,” @VargasRegB said.

Congratulations to Bullet the Chihuahua for the performance! Take a curtsy, my dog.