Sun-El Musician

South African artist Sun-El Musician has released his new EP AEDM (African electronic dance music). The EP, which feels like an 11-track, hour-long album, is a slow burner of melodic house music that feels right at home in South Africa and the global music community.

The title is not only about what is created in Africa, but about the diffusion of this sound in the rest of the world.

African electronic dance music, for me, I would define it not only as a sound which designates a single genre, but rather as a sound which encompasses a style of African elements imbued with EDM ”, explains Sun-El Musician,“ but it is a way modern to export African Sound Dance House Music to the rest of the world by giving it the traditional African elements of drums, rhythm and culture.

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The native of KwaZulu Natal has features of Simmy, Bholoja, Msaki and Ami Faku on the project. The vocals blend with regular percussion and mellow melodies in a whispering mix of electronic music. The songs can be a little slow at times, but they drag you into their hypnotic daze. The project follows on from his album To the world and beyond released not even a year ago. To pick up AEDM here.