SOUTH PHILADELPHIA – Your wellness moment of the day comes courtesy of an epic dance that has become a bit of a thing in Philadelphia 76ers games.

Fans say that in the fourth quarter the same two children, Dominic Prybella, 10, and Anthony Stuard, 9, dance across the arena.

And it happens a lot.

The crowd loved Monday night’s competition, as did the NBA – tweeting the boys’ jumbotron antics for the whole internet to see.

They became a viral sensation with the video of their dance battle viewed 2 million times – and it continues!

The boys actually fought multiple times from their seats, but they never sat face to face and spoke until they met on Action News on Tuesday.

And they both say that since Monday night, it’s been a whirlwind.

“At my school, my friend saw him on the news. He said, ‘There’s this kid that was on the 76ers game and he looks like you. I can’t believe he took his shirt off. . ‘ I was like, ‘That’s exactly me,’ “Anthony said.
The shirts came off, with mixed reviews from their parents.

“All of a sudden Dominic took off his shirt, which he already did, so I was okay with that. I wasn’t surprised. They kept dancing. Then all of a sudden. , Anthony started to pull his arms back and I didn’t know what to do! I wanted to cover him! ” Anthony’s mother Toni Stuard said.

The boys showed Action News reporter Trish Hartman their moves, including The Floss and Orange Justice.

“Just have fun, just mess around, just be crazy,” Dominic said.

Parents say they weren’t expecting it, but they love the 76ers to give their kids a chance to shine.

“It’s all about the kids. It’s all about the family. It’s a really good time,” Dominic’s dad, Stan Prybella.

Dominic, who broke his arm while playing basketball, had Anthony sign his plaster cast. Action News presenter Jim Gardner also signed it.

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