We landed in Goa crossing blue skies at 38,000 feet in the afternoon and to our surprise the airport was bustling with tourists from all over India. It took us about 40 minutes to collect our luggage and another 30 minutes to brave the traffic and exit the airport. Before hitting the serene roads of Dabolim, we learned that over 40,000 tourists had arrived in Goa in the last two working days! As our car screeched on the porch of Deltin Suites an hour from now, the sprawling 1,000 square foot property was nothing short of a callback to a Portuguese home with artwork and furnishings to match the conventional construction. With their in-house casino and 106 rooms, swimming pool and lounge area, this was the restaurant serving traditional Goan cuisine that we needed most after the tiring journey. The Goan version of idlisthe sana worked well with chouris paowhile poe went with red rice for our meal. Goa’s obligatory traditional dessert bebinca made for a sweet ending.

Eat, play, repeat!

Let’s admit it! The giant ship floating on the sea all lit up catches everyone’s imagination and soon it’s exactly where we were heading on a pier ride. Popularly known as the ‘Gaming Place’, we were told, Deltin Royale is India’s largest casino. Sailing through the turquoise blue waters with the cold sea breeze in our hair and the picturesque skyline of the pristine city receding, it took our boat only eight minutes to whirl the placid Mandovi and drop anchor. near the 10-year-old ship. Although we followed club rules and wore our formal attire, to our surprise we were informed that there was no dress code here. Soon we were escorted to the game room and learned that Taapsee Pannu had shot the last scene of his movie. Badla in the casino which is part of the opulent 65,000 square feet of fully carpeted and lighted decks. Each deck had fun and games with a dedicated roof for food and a great view.

Slot machines whistled as men and women huddled in a semi-circle around the gaming tables. Dressed in gold shirts, croupiers shuffled chips, cashiers seemed inaccessible in their cages while croupiers in black outfits seemed strict and ready to explain everything about the game you choose to play.

Play area in Deltin Royale
Performance by international dancers
Indian Idol singers performance
The solarium

As we head further to explore the 4,280-ton, 85.30-meter-long, five-story American vessel moored on Goa’s Mandovi River, we are amazed to see 123 tables and 850 gaming positions, 30 tables of roulette and the largest poker room in the country. We took in the atmosphere and went to see live music – local bands, vocals, magic show, stand-up comedy, international showgirls and more. “It feels like a mini Las Vegas,” enthused one of our companions. But by now our stomachs were growling with hunger and we walked into Whiskey (an in-house restaurant) and dug into a sumptuous range of starters and mains with a variety of drinks.

Slot machines ! Baccarat! Blackjack!

It’s time to take a chance – we started with roulette (thanks to the movies that glamorized the game). But unlike Joseph Jagger who is credited with developing the game and had won $4,800,000, we soon lost half of the currency we bought. We continued to play Andar Bahar sipping our piña coladas and Apple Fizz. (Before the betting starts, the dealer shuffles, cuts the deck and exposes a card as ‘Joker’. There are two betting sides which are named ‘Andar’ and ‘Bahar’. You must correctly guess which side the card ‘Joker’ will come to win the bet.) We managed to recover what we had lost earlier!

It was already midnight and the buzz in the casino had reached a crescendo, as the place was operating 24 hours a day. , 5 Card Poker, Mini Flush, Mang Patta, Black Jack, Casino War, Texas Hold’em Poker and Indian Flush, among others. . “On an ordinary day, attendance is almost 1,000,” says Anil Malani, CEO of Deltin Group, who informed us that the minimum price to play is `3,000 and prices vary during weekdays and weekends. end. “But you have to be 21 to enter the gambling halls.” This extravagant gambling scene has a lot to offer all age groups and visitors can enjoy a luxurious stay and gambling experience at the same time.

The sun was about to rise when we exited the Deltin Royale. Our wad of change intact in our wallets and we came back with a new and better definition of gaming and entertainment.

The writer visited the Deltin Royale casino by invitation.

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