SAN ANTONIO — In an ever-changing news cycle, it’s hard to keep up with all the latest local developments that have been happening throughout the week.

So here’s a breakdown of our top 10 stories you definitely don’t want to miss.

These are the best corn and flour tortillas in stores in San Antonio

In an effort to find the best store-bought tortillas, we assembled a team to sample a cornucopia of produce — 30 to be precise. From ready-to-heat corn and flour tortillas to raw dough formed into discs, experience the best of the show.


Why San Marcos football was banned from the 2023 playoffs

The San Marcos High School football team is barred from the 2023 playoffs after the UIL state executive committee imposed penalties on the team’s coaches for violating the policy of recruitment. Read on to see the fallout from the decision.


Death of Charles Pettit ruled suicide by Bexar County Medical Examiner

The medical examiner’s office released a report concluding that Charles Joseph Pettit died of asphyxiation. His body, wrapped in plastic, was found on July 12 at his home in San Antonio. It’s one of the latest revelations in the saga of his brother, ex-lawyer Christopher Pettit, who filed for bankruptcy to avoid litigation and closed his firm’s office.

The City of San Antonio is embarking on a 20-year, $2.5 billion expansion and redevelopment of San Antonio International.

Edward A. Ornelas, Staff Member/San Antonio Express News


San Antonio airport woes explained: runways, travelers and more

From short runways to the lack of non-stop flights, this analytical piece tackles what’s behind all the struggles hanging over our city’s airport. Dive into this interactive report to learn more.

31-acre retail and housing project in Helotes moves forward

Helotes City Council voted unanimously to clear the way for a mixed-use development near the intersection of Bandera and Scenic Loop roads. The project would transform the largest tract of undeveloped land within the city limits into a complex comprising more than 200 “upscale” rental homes and retail businesses.

Two neon signs bearing Robert E. Lee's name still glow above downtown.

Two neon signs bearing Robert E. Lee’s name still glow above downtown.


Why Robert E. Lee Still Dominates the SA Skyline, History

Over the past 30 years, taxpayers have spent at least $4.4 million to maintain and preserve this privately owned 1922 building, which serves as the focal point of the city’s skyline and a reminder of its secessionist past. Learn about the history of the building and why the name is still relevant.


UIW female athletes allege ‘inequality and unfairness’

Two football players from the University of the Incarnate World wrote a 2,500-word speech alleging a systematic pattern of ‘inequality and inequity’ in the college’s athletics department, which won support from other athletes feminine.

Eric Cantu Sr. and Victoria Casarez held their first press conference on Tuesday since their 17-year-old son, Erik Cantu, was shot multiple times by a police officer.

Eric Cantu Sr. and Victoria Casarez held their first press conference on Tuesday since their 17-year-old son, Erik Cantu, was shot multiple times by a police officer.

Sam Owens, MBR/Associated Press


Erik Cantu’s father: His son hallucinates after being shot by ex-SA cop

At a press conference on Tuesday, Eric Cantu Sr. said his son sometimes wakes up with hallucinations, during which he throws his hands in the air and presses a phantom gas pedal. Learn more about what his parents had to say at their first press conference since their teenage son was shot multiple times by a police officer.


San Antonio lawyer sues HEB for creating ‘nuisance’, seeks up to $1 million in damages

San Antonio attorney Rene D. Ruiz had it with commercial trucks making deliveries to HE-B headquarters blocking the sidewalk, bike path and roadway in front of his house, so he sued in justice. Learn more about his complaints and the company’s response.

Joshua Primo has been waived by Spurs in a surprise roster move.

Joshua Primo has been waived by Spurs in a surprise roster move.

Abbie Parr, STF/Associated Press


The decision to waive Primo is one of the most shocking in Spurs history

In what has been the biggest shocker of the week, Spurs announced on Friday night that they would be releasing 19-year-old Josh Primo. Although the team did not provide details on the reason for the decision and Primo issued a statement saying only that he was dealing with a mental health issue, a league source
confirmed to the Express-News
on Saturday evening, he was waived after reports that he had exposed himself to women on several occasions.