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At the end of May, students from Louis Riel School Division returned to St. Vital Park for the annual Folk Dance in the Park event and took to the St. Vital Park soccer field for a morning of music. and dance.

Folk dancing in the park is in its 30th year and is a special event unique to Saint-Vital. Each spring, St. Vital’s schools end with the Folk Dance in the Park, a morning of music and dance featuring students, mostly grades 1 through 3.

Brigitte Girouard, <a class=music teacher
at LRSD, directs the students of the “Kpanlogo”. “/>


Brigitte Girouard, music teacher at LRSD, directs the students of the “Kpanlogo”.

The event was originally started by local music teachers to celebrate folk dancing and provide students with a fun experience and a way to share what they have learned. Children discover different music and traditions, with a variety of dances and rhythms, stimulating their curiosity and engaging them in their education.

There are 30 schools participating, with over 4,000 students for the two-day event which sees over 2,000 students performing the same choreography, or most importantly at least trying out, with parents, grandparents, friends. and the family enjoying performances and music from all over the world. world, from Spain to Ghana via Canada.

Ingrid Pedersen, arts education coordinator for the Louis Riel school division, says planning for folk dance begins in the fall, with the selection of dances and music, balancing new pieces with those from previous years. . The mix of new and old ensures that teachers don’t have to learn dozens of new dances every year, keeping the event fresh, while creating traditions that students and parents can anticipate.

One of the goals of the event is for children to develop a sense of community, and Peterson was happy to note that some former students, now volunteers at Dakota Collegiate, remember it from their childhood and can still dance.

The event is fun for the students, mainly in Grades 1 to 3, who were full of smiles and laughs, and most of all excited, on a perfect day for outdoor fun, especially after a lot of practice. and anticipation. It’s also a great afternoon for parents, families, friends and teachers to interact and socialize and enjoy bouncy entertainment, with a tradition that will hopefully continue for 30 years. years.

Abigail Byle is a community correspondent for St Vital. Follow her on Twitter, @abbyinitio or email her, [email protected]

Abigail Byle
Community correspondent – Saint-Vital

Abigail Byle is a community correspondent for St Vital. Follow her on Twitter, @abbyinitio or email her, [email protected]

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