Folk dance forms of India

India is a diverse country with a variety of cultures and heritage. There is a diversity of languages, food, clothing and even folk dance forms. More … than 100 dance forms are found in India. It is important for students preparing for competitions to know about the different types of art forms celebrated in India. In this article we have included G.K. Matters with MCQs to better understand folk dance form of India.

MCQ Folk Dance Forms of India

  1. Sangeet Natak Akademi divided dance forms into how many parts?

a) 08

b) 06

c) 10

d) 05

Workaround 1: a) 08. The Sangeet Natak Akademi has divided classical Indian dances into 8 parts.

  1. Where does Kathak come from?

a) South India

b) North India

c) Northeast India

d) None of the above

Option 2: b) North India.

  1. Which of the following dances is one of the eight classical dances of India?

a) Odissa

b) Bharatnatyam

c) Kathak

All the foregoing

Option 3: All the foregoing.

  1. What are the two dance forms of Andhra Pradesh?

a) Kuchipudi and Burrakatha

b) Garba and Dandiya Rass

c) Loor and Jhomar

d) None of the above

Solution 4: a) Kuchipudi and Burrakatha. These are the two dance forms of Andhra Pradesh.

  1. Name the dance form that was revived by Vallathol?

a) Bharatnatyam

b) Manipur

c) Bihu

d) Kathakali

Solution 5: d) Kathakali.

  1. In what state is Rouf played?

a) Assamese

b) Andhra Pradesh

c) Jammu and Kashmir

d) Kerala

Solution 6: c) Jammu and Kashmir

  1. Apart from Bihu, what is the dance form of Assam?

a) Bhorthal

b) Dhuliya

c) both a) and b)

d) None of the above

Solution 7: c) both a) and b).

  1. Charkula and Dadra are the dance forms of which state?

a) Andhra Pradesh

b) Uttar Pradesh

c) Gujarat

d) Haryana

Solution 8: b) Uttar Pradesh.

  1. Who is the lord of the dance?

a) Nataraja

b) Durga

c) Ganesha

d) None of the above

Solution 9: a) Natarajah.

  1. What is the classical dance of Assam?

a) Satriya

b) Bihu

c) Kathak

d) none of the above

Solution 10: a) Satriya.