Folk dance and music were performed at the Madhya Pradesh State Tribal Museum on Wednesday.

Ganesha Gurjar and the Khandwa Dara group performed the “verses of the saints of Nimari” and the Baiga “Karama” tribal dance was performed by Devi Singh and Sathi Dindori.

Ganesh Gurjar and the band started playing with Ganesh Vandana – Laga Paya from Ganapati and it was followed by birth in Khajuri, guru ghar chakar raga, Sidhi Bane Padgundi Guruji, Dulav Vanya Ray Maharaj, Obey Ray Bachan Hamaro, Guru Mukh Govind and Guru.

He was accompanied at the Harmonium by Sivaram Thakur, at the tabla by Dhannalal Daksay, in the choir by Tarachand Khede, at the Dholak by Krishna Kumar Dongre and at the Jhanj by Devidas Shriwas.

Gurjar began to sing in rural areas since childhood, you have performed on many prestigious forums in the country for twenty years.

The second performance was the Baiga “Karama” tribal dance by Devi Singh and his colleagues.

According to the tradition of Baiga Tribal, on the fourth day of the tariff of the month of Bhadon, people worship their respective Ishta Dev, the total deities and eat them. From the same day, Karma performs dance and song.

This dance song continues until Shukla Paksha, i.e. Bidri Puja of the month of Jyestha. The mandar, the timki and the flute are the main musical instruments. Men-Jhaga dance with kurtas, jackets, fenta, crested peacock in the head and clapping in the hands. Women – Mungi sari, blouse, Biranmala, Morpunkh Kalgi dance feet with feet, garland and neck in the neck and slit in the hand.