As part of the Gamak performance series, folk songs and dance styles were performed at the Madhya Pradesh State Tribal Museum on Tuesday.

Parmanand Kewat and the group from Sironj performed the song ‘Dhimarayi’ and Rajesh Chaurasia and the group – Sagar performed the dance ‘Badhai and Naurta’ from Bundelkhand.

The performance began with the song “Dhimarayi” by Parmanand Kewat and the group, in which he sang kohl kau do jhene ekai dar, dheemar ghar baalye bhaiye, utt chalo bhai paar ganga ut chalo, gaya darne se baap bhi maitari se bhaya nyaare Performed dhimarai dance to the songs.

Dhimarai is the popular folk dance of rural Bundelkhand region, this dance is performed by the locals of Dhimar community, hence its dance name Dhimarai, this wedding is celebrated on various occasions like marriage, marriage and Navratri .

While dancing, the lead dancer sings songs with ornament and devotion and the people of Sehwat repeat it. The main dancer performs the dance in a specific way, the specialty of this dance is the pole movement. Running, stamping, kicking cleverly to the rhythm of the deer, paralyzing, etc. Its main gesture is to turn at a rapid speed of seven to eight turns. In this dance, instruments like kingdi, khanjdi, flute, jhanjra, manjira, tawa and timki, etc. are used.

On stage, he was accompanied on the kingdi by Ramprasad Kewat and Jairam Kewat on the flute, Harisingh Kewat on the khanjari, Kamarlal Kewat on the Tawa, Ramcharan Kewat on the Jhanjara, Kamal Singh Kewat and Suraj Kewat and Vishnu Kewat were dancing.

The second show was presented by Rajesh Chaurasia and his colleagues in the Bundelkhand Badhai and Naurata Dances. Badhai is a famous Bundelkhand folk dance, the congratulatory dance is performed on the occasion of the wedding in front of the gods on the occasion of happiness. They play folk songs and folk instruments like dance, dhapla, nagiya, lota, dholak and flute, etc.

The Naurata dance is a dance performed during Navratri. This dance is performed by virgin girls. The demon named Suata slaughtered the Kuwari girls and worshiped the goddess, the Kuwari girls performed this dance to please them. The instruments played in this dance are Dhapla, Naglia, Lotta, Dholak, Basuri etc.

Chaurasia has been practicing folk dances (Congratulations, Naurata, Baredi and Jawara) for 25 years. He received his dance education from Shri Vishnu Pathak. He received a junior scholarship from the Ministry of Culture of the Indian government. He did his Masters in Music from Raja Mansingh Tomar University, Gwalior.

He has made musical direction in various plays. Chaurasia gave her successful performances on various prestigious forums around the country. Currently you are working as a freelance artist teaching folk dance to young people.