Footwork is an art form that consists of both music and dance, connecting people around the world.

Now people downtown come to see the animated projection of a building formerly known as the Merchandise Mart.

“Footwork is more than dance, it’s also music,” said Brandon K. Calhorn, who produced “Footnotes” with Wills Graspiegel. “It’s electric sound and fast paced. It’s almost futuristic to me. The music has a lot of energy because the triplets have drum & bass and patterns, so the music can be more than just a dance. Yes, it’s fun for people who don’t necessarily have to dance. “

Brandon K. Calhorn, co-producer of “Footnotes”, talks about the art of footwork. (WTTW News)

Chicago footworker PTop says one cannot exist without the other.

“It went from house to ghetto house, and from juke to footwork. The footwork is not easy, but it is not difficult, ”explains PTop. “It comes from a community of us speaking at a dance party. When we haven’t done any programs or anything during the summer… it’s like making your own.

That’s why footwork is more than an art form. The dancers say it’s not just about saving, it’s about the community they create.

“Due to my life situation and becoming a young father, I had no other way to relieve stress or escape something,” PTop said. “So when I saw him, the footwork became my biggest outing.”

“It has saved so many people that in the future, especially in these poor areas, the more funds we have, the more we will work with our children and our schools,” Calhorn said. ..

Glasspiegel, co-producer and director of Footnotes, says the Art on the Mart screening is essential in giving the community and the craft the right flowers.

An animated projection of the “Footnote” will appear downtown as part of the Art of Mart. (WTTW News)

“It’s more than music and dancing, but we have addressed inequalities in cities where people face the most dire consequences, especially in the black community,” said Graspiegel. “So I questioned the hijacking of the footwork out of town and wondered how it could help, as a white man, to gain recognition for the people who created this style. “

“It’s a whole Chicago culture in one,” PTop said. “You have a boy in a bucket, you have DJs, singers, dancers. It’s a good mix of everything. You inspire and respect the people in front of us, so all generations It’s important to see that. “

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‘Footnotes’ Pays Homage to Chicago-Born Styles of Music and Dance | Chicago News

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