The Department of Health and Yi called their own experts to discuss whether Yi was following or violating accepted standards of care for cancer patients.

In the case of the 43-year-old woman, identified as Patient A, the board concluded that Yi had mistreated her with a high dose of radiation intended to cure her cancer when, in fact, her illness was at a point. where she could not be cured. As with the other patients, the board concluded that Yi should instead have given lower “palliative” doses of radiation intended to treat his symptoms and relieve his pain in the later stages of his life.

Ultimately, the state board, for all but one of the patients in question, found Yi guilty of misconduct in his treatment decisions. Yi, they wrote, frequently administered radiation doses without regard to the amount of radiation therapy the patients had previously received and without regard to the risk of serious complications for them.

This is the decision and order filed by the State Board for Professional Medical Conduct following its review of misconduct charges against Dr. Won Sam Yi, former CEO and President of CCS Oncology.

Yi can, and will, appeal the council’s decision in state court, said his attorney, who outlined two key points he will raise in his challenge.

First, Scher said, some of the patients were offered a different form of treatment, such as chemotherapy, but rejected it in favor of radiation therapy. Yi felt he had to listen to his patients’ wishes and not force them into accepting therapy they objected to, Scher said.