Four DJs from the local crew return to a summer tradition on June 19.

One of the highlights of a summer in Madison is the chance to see a variety of top DJs and producers, from local artists to international electronic music heavyweights. Much of it is free, including the outdoor part of the Electronic Music series which revolves around La Fête De Marquette (which unfortunately does not return until 2022). And generally, summer is peppered with a series of outdoor dance parties by Foshizzle Family, a team of house and techno obsessed youngsters who formed in 2012. Foshizzle’s usual gatherings at the James Madison Park, featuring key team members and guests from Madison and beyond, provide a great way to unwind in the world of dance music. This summer may not bring a full set of James Madison blocks, but there will be at least one, Saturday June 19 from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.

DJs Foshizzle UMI, Carrick, O2 and Scribe will all perform at different times of the evening. They will be set up in the shelter at the east end of the park, and the frame allows plenty of room to spread out. Usually the Foshizzle team would follow these events with an afterparty in an indoor location, but they skip that part this time around.