Ironheart debuts in the New Dawn Collective with an epic middle-aged album titled Terra Mariana EP. The EP was slowly teased single by single, the opening tracks “Besieged” and “Armies”, proving that this artist has a very distinctive style that cannot be confused with anyone else.

Now with the EP fully released, titled “Terra Marina, »The full scope of Terre Marianne The EP can be endured, giving more definition to this head-turning musical project, brand new for 2021.

The EP uses genres such as classical, folk, power metal, trance and dubstep alongside medieval soundscapes (ranging from real instruments used at the time to sounds inspired by film scores depicting the era. .)

The fusion of this kind of historical context with multiple angles of modern musical culture has never been captured in such a fluid and balanced way. Stone heart is impressive and naturally attracts a larger audience to the project that goes beyond EDM.

Terre Marianne EP was born from a crucial moment in medieval history. The name of the EP itself is literally Latin for “Land of Mary», An area which was the last major stronghold of paganism in Europe until it fell under the domination of the German Teutonic Order and the Danish Christians of the time.

Overflowing with martial and liturgical flavors, Terre Marianne EP is an aural exploration of these historical events, from the sieges of castles and conquests to the brutal Christianization that took place at the end of the 12th century.

Listen to the songs below.