When she first arrived in the Wood River Valley, there were no traditional Mexican folk options.

“I am confident that with the work we are putting into this program, more children will be part of it in the near future.”

She explains to children to children that Mexican folk dance is a way of reflecting traditions and values ​​and enriching Mexican culture.

“In every step, in every sound, in every song that we dance, we not only learn but we teach.”

“not only teaches to dance aesthetically with movement and technique, it teaches to love culture, to love traditions to be proud of Mexican heritage or even to embrace Mexican culture as your own.”

As the class progresses, she sees the children gain in confidence, motivation and the sheer joy of dancing.

“It’s so precious to me.”

She believes that dancing is not only a great activity for adults, but also for human beings in general.

“You exercise your body but also your soul and spirit through movement, expression and music. It’s amazing how dance can put anyone on a better place in life.

This event is bilingual.

I feel we live in a world that needs more inclusion, less division, more kindness, less fighting and activities that could unite us human beings are a great way to change the world to better our community , bilingual events are a great way to unite and provide equal education for all and fun activities for the whole community.