A dance group, Miracle crew, won the first edition of the Abuja Mega Street Dance competition.

The Nigeria News Agency reports that the Abuja Mega Street Dance Battle is a talent show created to give young people on the streets of Nigeria the opportunity to show off their talents.

The Miracle Crew, which included three talented dancers, beat three other contestants – Dimension, The Virgin Boy and Charles – to win a N 100,000 cash prize in the scintillating grand finale held in Abuja on Saturday night.

Ten contestants who auditioned for the show were shortlisted, but only four showed up for the competition.

Master Divine Uche, a 14 year old boy, and key dancer of the group, captured the hearts of the judges with his splendid performance and was selected to compete with one of the contestants, Charles, for the final.

Uche was declared the winner, as he excited audiences with his divine talent and unique dance styles, earning him praise from judges and audiences alike.

An ecstatic Uche said words were not enough to express his joy for the new contest winners.

“I am overwhelmed with joy, getting to this stage today was not easy. I thank the organizers for giving us the opportunity to pursue our dreams and showcase our hidden talents.

“I really thank God for everything because it is he who gave us this victory, to him alone be all the glory, and I am grateful,

“I want to take this opportunity to appreciate my crew for their tireless efforts to make us win,” said Uche.

Miss Bright Igwe, CEO of Ladi Bee Royal Empire (LBRE), organizer of the event, said in her remarks that the competition is a platform for dancers to showcase their talents for global recognition.

Igwe said the competition aims to promote street dancing to facilitate the recognition and exploitation of talents.

She said she was inspired to create opportunities for young people, and therefore believed that nurturing talented dancers was one of those platforms.

“I believe that some street youth have a passion for dance, but do not have the possibility of making their dreams come true.

“Our goal is to help people from the start, because that’s the main reason it’s called ‘street battle’.

“We are trying to bring people together on the streets to empower themselves, so that they can make the right decision.

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“This is a platform to promote and nurture talented and teeming young people to reach enviable heights in their field of expertise and career,” she said.

Igwe praised the Miracle Crew for their outstanding performance and encouraged the group to keep up the pace.

Mr. Obinna Nwaka, Director General of the Youth Committee on Mobilization and Outreach (CYMS), an NGO, congratulated the organizers for coming up with such an idea.

Nwaka, a special guest / award recipient at the event, said the competition was a showcase for cultural heritage, national integration, as well as the exhibition of young talent in the dance profession. .

“We are happy to attend this kind of historic event in Abuja, which aims to allow young people to show their talents.

“The goal is that they are also discovered by notable artists so that they can promote them and help them to further their careers in dance.”

He urged the contestants to consider the opinion of the judges as one of the main ways to improve their performance.

“Accept defeat and see fit to congratulate your fellow competitors who came out victorious,” he added.

Ms. Lucy Akaedu, CEO of the OLucee brand, congratulated the organizers for this wonderful initiative.

Akaedu, a celebrity, judge and winner of the event, said the content and idea of ​​the competition was to encourage young people who loved to dance, but lacked a platform to show off their talent.

She praised the judges for a good job, noting that with so much talent competing, picking a winner was no easy task.

Akaedu urged the winners not to let go of the pursuit of their goals, but to keep pushing until they reach the desired height.

NAN reports that there were awards for businessmen and celebrities who had contributed to the entertainment industry.

Prizes were presented to Kenneth Okonkwo, a seasoned actor, to Mr. Chukwudi Okereke, director of Peka Park and Gardens, as well as to Nwaka and Akaedu.