The natural gas supplier, Volunteer Energy Services Inc. (VESI), was the natural gas aggregation supplier for local Columbia Gas customers. Customers served by Columbia Gas and enrolled in Bowling Green’s natural gas aggregation program were recently notified that VESI filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on March 25.

The City of Bowling Green was unaware of VESI’s financial problems and did not help cancel the natural gas aggregation program’s pricing, city officials say.

Although VESI will no longer supply natural gas to aggregation participants, residents will not experience an interruption in natural gas service. Participants will be transferred to the Columbia Gas Standard Choice offering, which has a variable rate based on the natural gas market, adjusted monthly.

Bowling Green will endeavor to find an alternate natural gas aggregation supplier. The goal is to have something in place before the next heating season.

Columbia Gas customers affected by this change can stay on the Columbia Gas Standard Choice offer until a new price is obtained with the city’s aggregation program or they can look for another gas supplier available on the Energy Choice Ohio website: