A brand new website focused on the Australian electronic and dance music scene has been launched.

Based in Sydney, The DJ revolution will cover all the latest news from dance culture, DJs and festivals, with a broader vision of becoming a leading resource for electronic music lovers in Australia and Europe.

The website will connect established DJs, producers and fans by ordering features on the stage and offering free resources for aspiring DJs, and will focus on underground and emerging acts and events.

Dale Ashworth, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The DJ Revolution, said he wanted to provide a unique experience for dance music lovers.

“Ever since I moved from the UK to Australia in 2010, I’ve always thought dance music websites – decent sites at least – were very thin here,” Ashworth said.

“I really think we can help put Australia back on the dance music map with what we’re trying to do – and create a really cool service that will end up rivaling the big boys overseas.”

Ashworth also detailed his growth ambitions for the publication.

“In addition to Australia, we also cover news stories and music festivals in the UK and Europe,” he said.

“Right now, in particular, there’s not much to cover here in terms of dance and electronic music events – but that’s slowly changing.

“Even with the COVID situation, the electronic dance music scene is still a huge market here. “