Red Bull Dance Your Style, a new concept of battle focusing on bringing people together in celebration of dance, music and performance, and on recreating the social and festive atmosphere that all Street dance styles are derived, will come to Malta this summer.

The challenge will see the top 16 street dancers from all street dance disciplines compete on Friday at the Triton fountain.

Dancers including Mark Scerri, Dave Duong, IJ Altriki, Leonel Viloria Aquino, Rebecca Millo, Pitre Marius, Cheryl Lofreda, Christian Cali, Mariah Cutajar, Zeo James, Lawrence Mifsud, B Boy Nadeer, Antonio Whyte, Martina Borg and Luke Mizzi , will compete in battle in an improvised setting and will be voted according to style, creativity and rhythm. Audiences will be able to see break, hip-hop, popping, lockdown, and other styles of street dance.

DJs at the event will play well-known commercial tracks for each round and randomly select different genres to test the dancer’s ability to perform and adapt their dance styles to the beat of the beat.

This means that contestants will need to be prepared for everything from funk to pop music, rap to the garage, from old school classics to recent new hits and other genres of popular music. The audience will also play an important role in the outcome of each battle as Red Bull Dance Your Style will not have a panel of dancers judging and voting for a winner, unlike most street dance competitions. Instead, the winner of each battle will be determined by crowd vote.

Red Bull Dance Your Style is primarily about the performance and staging of the dancer, before judging the more technical aspects of a style. By allowing the crowd to be the judges, the dancers will be free to truly express their personality and character, because in the end, the dancer who wins will be the one who can win the crowd with their performance.

More information can be obtained on the Facebook event page – Red Bull Dance Your Style – Malta.

(Content provided by The Concept Stadium)

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