We bring you another successful week with new additions to our four in-house curated playlists.

It’s Friday, you know the exercise! New Music Friday marks the best day of the week as artists around the world release new classics, bangers for upcoming holidays and tracks that will stay with us for years to come. Every Friday we host our own pick of the best music from RouteNote on our playlists.

For those looking for great energy to fuel them, we’ll get you hooked Hooked, our playlist for the best in high tempo dance music. For electronic music lovers who don’t necessarily want to get up and dance the night away, Catalyst offers the best selection of dance, house and chilled house.

When it comes to chilling out, chilling out, or working out, we have two unbeatable playlists for you. For the latest and greatest in casual hip-hop, we have Lo-Fi. Then, for a more general and calming atmosphere of all kinds, we are full of relaxing hits on Tranquilize.

To be added to a future article on new music releases, distribute your music with RouteNote today for free. When your music goes through our team, they can select your song for a feature from one of our growing playlists.

Katana Angels – Hang up

Guardelion – Middle East

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Feel SY – Assassin

Alande – Never stop

Frubi – Missing your body

Oku – Live your life

Little Dumpling & Dizolve – Blue Escapism (feat. Cloudy Cat)

Navi Cyan – Mind ya own (with LOFI HIP HOP JAZZ MESSENGERS)

A million flowers and bennya – You, me and a cup of coffee

Re: Imagine – Easy On Me (Acoustic Piano Version)

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Wavey – Be my hero

Zealand – Converted cars

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