It was a delicious and energetic Sunday evening for the Bhopalites. The broadcast of Nimadi’s folk dances ‘Kathi’ and ‘Gangaur’ took place on the Madhya Pradesh State Tribal Museum YouTube channel on Sunday.

Music lovers spent an evening with calm classical music and Nimadi and Kathi’s fun dancing on the floor. As part of the Uttaradhikar series of the Madhya Pradesh Tribal Museum, two musical events were organized at the museum premises.

It is worth noting that keeping in mind the guru Shishya Parampara, the tribal museum holds a series of classical music and dance every Sunday under the Uttaradhikar series.

The program started with ‘Kathi Folk Dance‘ by Lakshminarayan Maurya and the Harda team. After that, “Gangaur Folk Dance” was performed by Sanjay Mahajan and the Barwah troupe.

Laxminarayan Maurya has been active in this field for a long time. Laxminarayan Maurya has given numerous folk dance presentations at various art forums across the country. Sanjay Mahajan has been honored with many prestigious awards and honors. Sanjay Mahajan has given many enticing presentations of Nimadi folk dances at various art forums across the country.

Gangaur is the Geet poetry of Nimad, this nine-day ritual festival in the month of Chaitra and Vaishakh is dedicated to girls.

The tradition of Kathi in the Nimar region of Madhya Pradesh is associated only with a deep sense of devotion to power.

The community of Bhagats of Nimar wish village life, happiness and prosperity through the kathi of Dev Uttani Gyaras in Mahashivratri.

The shape of a kathi is related to folklore and folk dance, which makes it a unique art. The devotees, who dance in traditional attire, chant the majesty of Shiva and other mythological beliefs, to the rhythm of Kans Thali and Damru Numa Dhanka.

After that, the ‘Gangaur’ folk dance of the Nimar area was performed by Sanjay Mahajan and his colleague, Barwah. The Gangaur dance is a beautiful representation of the complete folk culture of this region.

The combination of dance with the countless songs of Gangaur presents a beautiful cauldron of female life.