Nagpur: The 28th Annual Orange City Craft Mela and Folk Dance Festival organized by South-Central Zone Cultural Center every year will start on March 11 and end on March 20.
The fair, famous throughout the country, features folk and tribal dances, handicrafts and delicious food from different states of the country. Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari will inaugurate the event.
Dr. Deepak Khirwadkar, Director of SCZCC, said the event promises eye-catching decorations and glittering performances by traditional folk artists with around 150 artisans and 224 folk and tribal artists participating to make it a delight for the citizens. The inclusion of 25 stalls of delicious specialties will also make the event stand out.
Bihu/Bardoi Shikhanla Nrtya (Giriraj and group, Assam), Lavani/Koli (Pornima Chavan and group, Mumbai), Rai Nrtya (Padma Shri Ramsahaya Pandey and group, Madhya Pradesh), Chakri/Chari/Ghumar/Kalbeliya/Bhavai (Shivnarayan and group, Rajasthan), Gotipua Nrtya (Satyapira Palai and group, Odisha), Chapeli/Ghasayari/Jonsari/Panyari (Prakash Bisht and group, Uttarakhand), Panthi/Mangal/Danda Nrtya (Padma Shri Radheshyam Barle and group, Chhattisgarh) are some of the performances scheduled for March 11 to March 15.
On March 16, Sangeeta Tekade and her students will perform the traditional art of Vidarbha, ‘Nakak’, on ‘Aajibai’, ‘Kava Hoin Mah Lagin’, ‘Male Shikayach Ahe’ and ‘Bhrunhatya’ followed by various dance performances by transgender artists under the direction of Shraddha Joshi. In addition, a fashion show by disabled children from SVK educational institution and kathak dance by Manisha Patrikar and students (Mumbai) will close the day.
Ghumar/Phag/Shivasti/Panihari (Manoj Jale and group, Haryana), Bhangra/Jindwa (Amarinder Singh and group, Punjab), Mayur Holi (Umashankar and group, Uttar Pradesh), Siddhi Dhamaal (Sabir Siddi and group, Gujarat), Roof/Dogri/Bachnagima/Gojri Nrtya (Sabrina Mustek and Band, Kashmir), Lambadi/Mathuri (G. Ashok Kumar and Band, Telangana), Baiga Karma Nrtya (Padma Shri Arjun Singh Dhurve and Band, Madhya Pradesh) will perform from Du March 17 to March 20. Meanwhile, Kachchi Ghodi (Banwarilal and group) and Bahrupi artists from Rajasthan (Shamshad and group) will attract audiences every day with their performances in different costumes.
Various state and national award-winning artisans and talented artists from India will be showcasing their art through Terra Kota, Pottery, Furniture, Carpets, Hand Weaving, Jewelry, Paper Crushing, Metal Crafts, Glass Crafts, Punjabi Juti, Phulkari, Chanderi Sarees, Paithani Sarees, Banarasi Sarees, Zari Work, Matt Weave, Wooden Craft, Bell Metal, Jut Craft, Khadi, Kalamkari Printing, Leather Puppet, etc. Along with this, paintings by Indian painters will also be on sale at discounted prices. The stalls of traditional Indian dishes from various states of India will also be the focus of special attraction. A forum, coordinated by Vijay Jathe, will also be organized to allow the public to present their art through ‘Mujhme Bhi Artist’. With a nominal fee of Rs 30, the fair will be open to citizens every day from 2 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., with dance performances starting at 6:30 p.m.
Gauri Marathe, Deputy Director, SCZCC, Nagpur, Deepak Kulkarni, Deputy Program Director, Gopal Betawar, Shashank Dande, Managing Director, Deepak Patil, Account and Facility Manager, Ujwala Indurkar were also present during the meeting.
(Reporting by Vidhi Mahadule)