Peter Weber is being trolled by fans on Reddit for his rules regarding his dance battle with Tyler Cameron to raise money for coronavirus aid.

Tyler Cameron has finally broken his silence regarding Peter Weber’s challenge for a dance battle. After what seems like an eternity, Tyler finally answered Peter’s dance challenge via an Instagram story.

A few days ago, Peter created a GoFundMe page challenging Tyler to a dance battle after calling the Bachelor for his TikTok videos. “I heard Tyler’s call. Only one way to fix it. Battle style dance… my goal is to raise $ 10,000 for the CDP COVID-19 Response Fund. This is a created fund. by Center for Disaster Philanthropy. As soon as the goal is reached, assuming Tyler agrees, we’ll do a live Instagram dance and have fun! ” read his GoFundMe page.

While Tyler left everyone guessing whether or not he would accept the challenge, on Sunday he took to his Instagram account and posted a story online accepting Peter’s dance challenge.

In his story, he shared, “I accept your dance challenge, Peter. And we’ll take care of it once you all help us all raise $ 10,000 to donate, so let’s go.” Continuing, he said, “Peter prepare your moves because I’m coming for you. Be ready.”

When Peter set up his GoFundMe page, he mentioned that it would be a live dance on Instagram, but it looks like the plan has changed based on his recent history.

While it took Tyler three days to complete the challenge, it didn’t take long for Peter before he took to his own Instagram account to recount the rules for the challenge.

In his story, Peter shared, “Okay, TC, so the challenge is officially accepted. I think we do, we each do three different TikTok dances, and the fourth, we do the exact same thing.” Fans quickly noticed how he changed his live Instagram dance to a TikTok dance.

Taking to Reddit, fans couldn’t help but troll the bachelor. “He said they were doing a live? Now a TikTok dance series? This boy doesn’t think ahead lol,” one fan wrote. Another said: “I got the feeling he was like ‘that’s a good idea, I should challenge Tyler to do it!’, And then he didn’t think about it.”

“He probably realized he’s fucked up if he has to dance to a live,” said one fan. While another shared, “Lol why did either of us ever think this guy might be the bachelor?”

“I feel like Peter is like an actual combo of Buster Bluth and a less douchey version of GOB until the cringey magic tricks he does, excuse me, I mean ~ illusions,” a declared a fan. Another added: “He’s the human equivalent of a dog. Or like a squirrel. He just doesn’t have any forethought. On a positive note, he’s really cute here, and I never think he does. is cute.”

“How did this guy do his flying school?” asked a fan. While another wrote: “I can’t with pilot Peter. He and this Rona19 are making my nerves work. A catastrophe is enough now.”

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