BHOPAL: Rajmani Tiwari and Rewa’s troupe performed the folk dance ‘Dul-Dul Ghori’ at the town’s tribal museum on Friday.

It was part of the ‘Gamak’ series of programs, organized by the Culture Directorate. Folk dance is performed on the occasion of marriage by men. In the dance, a hollow case of ghori (mare) is prepared with bamboo sticks. The dancer stands in the hollow and dances (represents various mare movements). There is also a wild card in women’s clothing. People sing folk songs during the dance.

Pramod Sahu accompanied him on the harmonium, Rohan Verma on the dholak, Ravendra Mishra on the tabla, Ramhit saket on the Nagariya, Mithun Saket on the Khajini and Jagannath Saket on the jhanjh.

In addition, Kapil Chaurasiya and Sagar Bundeli’s troupe performed folk songs. He presented Esuri Chaukadiya Vandana, Hardaul Lala Geet, Jevnar Geet, Shringar Geet, Panihari Geet and Bamboolia Geet. He ended with the song Khayal Jage naiya Bhola jaga hari jage na. Ramesh Chaurasiya accompanied him on the dholak, Ganesh Prasad Chaurasiya on the manjeera, Rakesh Kataraya on the table, Manoj Shilpkar on the flute, Vijay Badwani on the Bainjo and Ritesh Chaurasiya in Nagadiya.

Adivasi Lokkala Evam Boli Vikas Akademi hosted the event which was also broadcast live on the culture department’s social media pages

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Posted on: Friday January 15th, 2021 10:08 PM IST