Rangabati’s song has already created a buzz on social media, but did you know that its choreography is inspired by more than 14 types of folk dances from all over the country? While the song is performed by Surajit Chatterjee and Iman Chakraborty, it is choreographed by Bunty. One of Odisha’s most popular folk songs was recreated by Surajit for director duo Shiboprosad Mukherjee and Nandita Roy’s upcoming film Gotro. According to sources, the 14 types of dance forms include mask dance, tiger dance, Chhau, Mayurbhanj Chhou, Sambalpuri, and Odishi. “We wanted to do something different in this song, something that had never been tried before. So since the song was inspired by folk, we thought why not include more of a folk dance style. So, in our research, we ended up including up to 14 styles. But I’m sure all the hard work has paid off, ”the source said.

Meanwhile, another song from the film was recently released. Vaishnava Janato is originally a Gujarati bhajan which was translated into Bengali by singer-songwriter Anindya Chatterjee and sung by Shreya Ghoshal. Gotro’s story revolves around a Hindu family, where a Muslim man comes to work. “The story of the film required bhajan, but Shiboprosad and Nanditadi asked me to do it in Bengali. I wouldn’t say I was very confident in my ability to do a good translation, but I hope it went well, ”said Anindya.