New Delhi: There are so many ways to express love. This Valentine’s Day, express it through dance! These dance forms are perfect for a special day. We know you want to surprise your loved one, but like every year, you are confused. How do you tell them that they mean so much to you? Frontrow offers a series of special Valentine’s Day classes, teaching you skills so you can woo your loved one!

Dancing has often been one of the most popular ways to express your love. Romantic scenes in movies are often followed by dance numbers which can be slow or fast.

Tango: As the saying goes, “It takes two to tango!” Tango is basically another name for love and romance. It seems fluid in motion thanks to the precisely coordinated steps of the dancers. It is one of the most sensual dance forms. Argentine tango is considered the most romantic dance, with dancers/performers showing passionate emotions for each other while dancing. This dance form is also widely depicted in movies.

Rumba: The rumba is a form of Latin dance performed with soothing and calm music. People usually prefer this shape to make their weddings look very elegant. The dance moves are perfectly coordinated with the smooth, flowing music and it’s also very simple to learn. The rumba is a boost for a slow dance vibe.

Salsa: Salsa is another form of Latin dance known for its rhythmic and coordinated steps, involving rotations, solo breaks, etc. It can also involve acrobatics, but as long as you and your partner are comfortable with it. It’s a perfect night activity for everyone.

The waltz : Think of the ballroom scene from the movie Cinderella, when the couple fall in love while dancing, that perfect fairy tale style dance is the waltz. It is a classic romantic dance known for its tenderness. It has a lightweight quality and dancers can almost appear to be floating due to the slight rising and falling action that occurs throughout the dance.

Cha cha cha: Let’s do the Cha-Cha-Cha! It is a form of Cuban dance mainly famous for the sounds of your feet while dancing. It is a dance form that slips somewhere between traditional European ballroom styles. Learn the quick little steps with your partner. Matching the steps would be the real test of your chemistry!

any dance: Dancing is the most liberating thing! You don’t need a dance floor to fall in love. Freestyle or copy your favorite Bollywood dances to impress your partners. Often the best things don’t get planned, so just start dancing and enjoy the vibe wherever you are.