The latest thing to come out at Shotgun Willie?

Bankruptcy protection.

The Glendale Strip Club pulled out of the Chapter 11 process over the summer, eight months after filing.

Shotgun Willie’s did not come out of bankruptcy in the traditional sense, with a reorganization plan in place. On the contrary, the club at 490 S. Colorado Blvd. asked a judge to close the case in mid-July, saying he no longer wanted the protections offered by the bankruptcy process.

“With the rollout of effective vaccines, the lifting of occupation restrictions, and guidelines for masks and social distancing, Debtor’s business has stabilized and his failure now appears less likely,” the club wrote in a filing Judicial July 16.

Shotgun Willie’s – majority owner Deborah Dunafon, wife of the mayor of Glendale – attributed the initial filing in November to pandemic trade restrictions, saying “the action has given us the only chance to survive in this uncertain climate.”

The club was closed for more than two months in the spring of 2020, and again for 44 days last November. It closed for an additional six days in April “following a COVID outbreak among many employees,” according to the file.

And Shotgun Willie’s isn’t the kind of place that could just go take out.

“The debtor had no other business opportunity that more traditional restaurants could avail themselves of,” the club wrote in the July filing.

In calling for the file bankruptcy case to be dismissed, however, the club noted that Gov. Jared Polis lifted virtually all remaining pandemic restrictions on bars and restaurants in early July.

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The strip club is located at 490 S. Colorado Blvd. at Glendale.

Stephen Long of GSL Trial Lawyers, an attorney representing the club, told BusinessDen that business at Shotgun Willie has been “good” recently.

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