Sooraj Pancholi and Isabelle Kaif have launched their program for It’s time to dance in London. We hear that the main cast were trained in no less than 14 dance styles as part of their preparation for the film. A source said: “It’s a typical love story between a boy and a girl that is set against the backdrop of dancing. The film will be made as a musical with several songs and Sooraj and Isabelle will be seen dancing in several styles such as Bachata, Contemporary, Latin as well as House, which is an evolved form of hip-hop.

Sooraj tells us: “We trained under Mr. Remo’s team (D’Souza) every day for about 12 hours. Hope everyone likes it. This dance film is quite different from those seen so far in the genre. Here we will also show a lot of new dance forms. There are also a lot of difficult lifts.

Isabelle adds: “In the film, we both come from two opposing dance schools. When we meet, our worlds collide. Usually people need eight to nine years to master these styles, but we had to learn them in a matter of months. Sooraj and I both worked hard. “

Some forms of dance have proven to be easier than others, admits Isabelle. “Hip hop and Bollywood dancing are simpler because you can only rehearse for five days and understand the movements. But the others can be difficult because each form of dance is technically different. There are so many hard stages, drops and cool laps. I hope Sooraj won’t let me down, ”she laughs.