The superhero Spiderman has helped the world many times by saving it from aliens and monsters many times in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Seeing him grooving to Indian folk music might sound as weird as it sounds. A video of a man dressed as a spiderman and dancing in West Bengal has gone viral on the internet. The clip in question was shot in Sonajhuri, Bolpur in West Bengal at what appears to be a local market. As the vendors in the background seem busy selling items, an unknown man in a Spiderman costume joins a group of dancers to entertain people.

With serene Santhali music playing in the background, the anonymous man joins the group of folk dancers dressed in similar yellow and red traditional clothing. Showcasing the rich folk culture, all the ladies in the group wear golden vessels on their foreheads to use as an accessory. At the start of the video, spiderman joins them in moving around in a circle while trying to imitate the regional dance.

Suddenly, Anonymous seems re-energized as he adds a few thumkas and jhatkas. If the video is anything to go by, it looks like the spiderman fan is having the time of his life as he immerses himself to enjoy Santhali’s music. The band is also joined by a drummer and another instrumentalist, who don’t let the music fade throughout the video. In addition to this, the group of dancers also attract passers-by to join them in the performance.

The viral video was shared on the Kolkata Illusion Instagram page, which is highly credited for providing insight into the rich Bengali culture online. While sharing the video online, the page said, “Spiderman has fun in Sonajhuri and vibes with shaotaal naach.” Take a look at the video below:

As soon as the clip surfaced online, it went viral in no time. A barrage of Instagram users flooded the post’s comments section with laughing emojis. A user tagged Spiderman celebrity Tom Holland and asked if this was his secret visit to India. “Are you Tom Holland?” Is this one of your world cultural tours? the user joked. Meanwhile, another toyed with the title of the Marvel Spiderman movies and wrote “Spiderman: Got Lost from Home.” The viral video garnered over 4,000 likes on the photo-sharing app.

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