The boys are back. Swedish House Mafia has released new music, for the first time since September 2012.

After posters appeared in Melbourne, Australia from all places, more street marketers were found in the world – including a Times Square billboard orchestrated by Spotify. All signs pointed to new music, with all parties associated with the trio having fun with various social media posts.

The Swedish trio attempted a reunion in 2018 and 2019, with a few unfortunate cancellations and COVID wiping all 2020 plans off the table, SHM’s comeback has not solidified but that is changing today.

Initially it was thought to be “Lifetime” with Ty Dolla $ ign and 070 Shake coming out today. Ultimately, the outing that saw life was a piece of ID that debuted at their triple shows in Stockholm in June 2019; ‘It’s getting better’. The main hall hitter was a highlight of the ensemble, being on the minds of fans until today’s release.

One thing is for sure, this is not the same version that many have been waiting for. The drops have been modified, the first incorporating heavy cowbell elements and the second opting for a trap structure. The track still keeps the vocals awesome, but it’s just not the same. The song’s simple lyrics, “It’s getting better, baby” is an excerpt from the 1994 track “One More Time” by vocal group Divas of Color and is a drastically revised version of a song the Swedes performed live. during their stint in 2019. Hours before the track’s release, it appeared on Beatport, with fans rushing to get a taste of it. Unfortunately, many did not like the new version, putting a negative point on Swedish House Mafia’s musical comeback.

With the arrival of ‘It Gets Better’ today, it sets the stage for ‘Lifetime’ to arrive next week alongside their performance on Jimmy Fallon.

Along with the release of ‘It Gets Better’, Swedish House Mafia said they will be releasing an album later this year.

It’s an amazing day today as we are blessed with new music from one of the greatest in dance music. The hype will only grow as we closely monitor what the Swedes do next.