Lyrics by Luke Carlino

Synthony is a unique experience for dance music lovers. This collaboration between DJs, live singers, star musicians and a full orchestra adds a whole new dimension to the club bangers we all know and love.

Focusing on well-known hits from the last 30 years of dance music, Synthony reimagines tracks from Avicii, Darude, Fatboy Slim and more with a 50+ piece orchestra. Led by bandleader Sarah Grace Williams, the show features a line-up of singers and DJs such as DJs

Ilan Kidron (The Potbelleez), Emily Williams and Mobin Master, hosted by Andy Van of Madison Avenue.

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Sound eclectic to you? He is. The diverse crowd embodied how this strange mish-mash of musical worlds managed to offer something for everyone. After Synthony’s inaugural 2021 tour managed to see a range of sold-out shows across Australia, the second iteration clearly had a big group of Melbournens ready to party; orchestral style.

To complete the experience, an array of visuals and lasers replicated the club vibe to create an outdoor dance party like no other. The energy was palpable from the first note, instantly letting everyone know that this was not the standard orchestral experience. Seats were rendered useless as the crowd reveled in the epic celebration of dance music.

Part party, part nostalgic trip, each track was instantly recognized by every member of the audience, with lofty cheers celebrating a dance relic that brought back a host of fond memories, polished by the most complete live sound we have. probably heard.

Synthony have had sold-out shows in New Zealand since 2017 and are now seeing the same reaction across Australia, bringing some of the icons to our dance music scene. Miss Connie (Sneaky Sound System) fronted hits like ‘Pictures’ and ‘UFO’, Ilan Kidron (The Potbelleez) handled bangers like ‘Don’t Hold Back’ and Matty O performed some of the best vocals in main saxophone. a-longs this reviewer has never seen.

From the opening of “Lola’s Theme” by The Shapeshifters, through some Cafe Del Mar, to the end of “One More Time” by Daft Punk, the catalog was stacked with the best of the best. However, it wasn’t until the closer rappel that the crowd lost their real marbles. Darude’s “Sandstorm” (of course) would most likely have had neighbors complaining about the decibel level (sucked in, don’t live next to the bowl).

To say that Synthony was a hit, ending with an overjoyed crowd, would be an understatement. Dance music will never be enjoyed like this; if only every club could house an orchestra of more than 50 musicians.

Highlight: The overall energy of the show, which hasn’t waned for a second.
Low light: Not hearing the Macarena, I thought it was a dance staple?
People’s favourite: The set-ender, “Sandstorm”, and all the saxophones sing in chorus.

For more information on Synthony, check out their website here.