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Miami Music Week 2022: Black DJs work to...

Nii Tei had always considered himself a leader in music. In college, he was the friend who controlled the auxiliary cord during car rides and the go-to for music recommendations. But after graduating from East Tennesse State University and moving to Miami in 2011, his sonic palette expanded when he was introduced to Bosnian-German producer […]

Call for Applications: Mentorship for Wo...

RCRDSHP, pronounced “record store”, is a platform for electronic music enthusiasts that promotes digital collectibles from global dance music artists and brands. The platform aims to lead the way in supporting artists fairly by creating a whole new source of income for them. The four-week program is looking for five candidates who will have access […]

Celebrating Black Cultural History in Da...

American DJ, producer and remixer Frankie Knuckles (1955 – 2014) at a turntable, London, … [+] circa 2000. (Photo by Sal Idriss/Redferns/Getty Images) red ferns Dance music is rooted in black culture and gay culture, however, this has been forgotten over the years due to the white whitewashing of the genre. To celebrate Black History […]

Amapiano: South African dance music is s...

South Africa is known worldwide for its biodiversity and its multiplicity of cultures and languages. In music, things are no different. The originality and variety of country music has been contagious around the world over the past few decades. Currently, a music genre that is hugely successful in the African nation is becoming a global […]

Historicity of music | Drop the beat: e...

Since the dawn of man and his beat of a primitive percussion instrument — arguably the first semblance of music – he also probably nodded or tapped his monkey foot in the artistic expression of dance. But music and dance don’t always go well together. Consider that classical music lovers usually enjoy the symphony sitting […]

10 Questions With Dance Music’s 17-Year-

Images by Lionel Deluy It would be hard to refute that for many years dance music, like skateboarding, had a serious gender problem. The number of women shaking bridges was shockingly negligible, and while changes have occurred, it is arguably still a very unbalanced situation. In 2014, a Vice The article also took direct aim […]

Anarchic duo, intelligent dance music –

On January 1 of this year, a mysterious written communication appeared on a new YouTube channel. Its description read: “KLF exists”. Jimmy Cauty and Bill Drummond were back, almost 30 years after they scuttled their band in the most flamboyant fashion – when they blank fired machine guns at music industry schmoozers at the 1992 […]

Skinny jeans, dance, music: giant rave b...

The Saudi desert party was like any other rave until the music stopped for the Islamic call to prayer, leaving attendees in ripped skinny jeans and combat boots to stand in silence. Fifteen minutes later – religious duties completed – thousands of revelers got back to work. Men and women danced with abandon in a […]

Northeastern Dance Music Festival to be ...

A boutique dance music festival will set the party mood in Northumberland next summer when it hosts three days of entertainment over the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend, it has been announced. House of Barefoot is expected to feature internationally renowned DJs and house music stars and will provide camping and glamping opportunities in a scenic […]

New unique dance music rhythms to get lo...

Under the tutelage of the Ministry of Culture (Luxembourg), DJ Salatino captures a magnetic flavor of dance, with the moving new single, “Cosmic Stars” Channeling the support of the Luxembourg Ministry of Culture, dynamic DJ and producer, Salatino Davide is determined to build his characteristic and magnetizing presence in the world of R&B, Soul and […]

Former Guns N ‘Roses guitarist Dj Ashba

Old GUNS N ‘ROSES and current SIXX: AM guitarist DJ Ashba performed her first headlining show as a solo performer – under the ASHBA banner – last night (Friday, November 12) at Green Bay, the Epic Event Center in Wisconsin. ASHBA‘S sound sees the 48 year old guitarist blending hard rock and electronic influences to […]

Elements of dance styles and the cultura...

Saturday, October 23rd, individual dance competition, Red Bull Dance Your Style, ended the American line-up. The wild card, Angyil McNeal, took the dance floor by storm and was crowned national champion. The iconic popper will now advance to the World Finals in Johannesburg, South Africa. If you’ve never been to one of these events, qualifiers […]

The elements of dance styles and the cul...

Saturday October 23rd, one-on-one dance contest, Red Bull dance your style, concluded the American line-up. Wild card, Angyil McNeal, stormed the dance floor and was crowned national champion. The iconic popper will now move on to the World Finals in Johannesburg, South Africa. If you’ve never attended one of these events, qualifiers from Boston, Chicago, […]

New Music Releases from RouteNote on Nov...

We bring you another successful week with new additions to our four in-house curated playlists. It’s Friday, you know the exercise! New Music Friday marks the best day of the week as artists around the world release new classics, bangers for upcoming holidays and tracks that will stay with us for years to come. Every […]

EP Review: Sun-El Musician – AEDM (Afric

Sun-El Musician Lerato Mabokela South African artist Sun-El Musician has released his new EP AEDM (African electronic dance music). The EP, which feels like an 11-track, hour-long album, is a slow burner of melodic house music that feels right at home in South Africa and the global music community. The title is not only about […]

Brit Beat: Pete Tong talks about Dance M...

London awards season is in full swing, but one event is set to be more rave than another this year. This is because the Music Industry Trusts Award (MITS) for outstanding contribution to the UK music industry is given to dance music legend Pete Tong. At the November 1 ceremony in London, Tong will join […]

USC music industry students compete for ...

Electronic dance music tends to conjure up images of ecstatic faces dressed in neon and seasoned with glitter waiting for the next bass, not surfing with your best friend and then relaxing with an herbal tea. But for Marius Bell, 20, and Garrett Murphy, 21, the latter was precisely how they took their first steps […]

“Modernism for the future”. Architectur

The step towards UNESCO is a challenge not only for architectural and urban planning professionals but for every citizen of Kaunas and the Kaunas district. This is where “Modernism for the Future”, one of the key programs of Kaunas 2022, comes in. It aims to awaken responsibility for our environment and create a strong emotional […]

Holographic sound wave artwork visualizi...

Titled Waveform, the beautiful screen-printed pieces visualize the sound waves generated by the dance, rave, synth and electronic music albums of British musicians from 808 State to Squarepusher. It’s a passion project that Alex has been working on since 2012, which has resulted in two successful Kickstarter campaigns to bring his artwork to life and […]

“Don’t You Worry Child” named Sweden’s b

Radio One World from Tomorrowland spent the last week giving specials entirely devoted to the dance music scene in Sweden. Entitled ‘Made in sweden‘, the series included non-stop entertainment, history and more, topped off with a Top 100 countdown of The best electronic music from Sweden. It’s no surprise that the countdown’s top spot was […]

ZASH Global Launches Free Dandelion Elec...

ZASH Global, a cheeky startup co-founded by Ted Farnsworth, wants to give a gift to the city ZASH calls home. On October 2, from 4:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. EST at Clinton Square in Syracuse, Dandelion will bring to life a completely FREE electronic dance music concert equivalent to productions found in Miami. Nicky Romero […]

Atlantic Records UK launches new dance m...

> POWER SUPPLY” title =”SIGNALING >> POWER SUPPLY” pagespeed_url_hash =”1883434105″ onload =”pagespeed.CriticalImages.checkImageForCriticality (this);”/> SIGNAL >> SUPPLY, the newest label hosted by Atlantic Records UK, will focus on finding forward-thinking DJs and producers. Atlantic Records United Kingdom launched its new imprint, SIGNALING >> POWER SUPPLY, which will focus specifically on the conservation of cutting-edge electronic dance […]

Dance music collective Daytimers: “Brown

TThe dance floor is filled with people of all colors and creeds looking for space as the rhythm of the Carnatic drum begins. On bridges, turbaned Sikh men and others in kurtas dance alongside the outstretched hands of women wearing salwars, lehengas, bangles and sneakers reaching for the fingers of guns. A wheel-up is pulled […]

New website seeks to create ‘dance music

Dance Music Archives by Electric Hawk, is a new website that seeks to document and archive the entire history of electronic music. This is great news for fans of DJ mixes, radio shows, and lost footage in old places. The site promises to be a concise and convenient one-stop-shop for all things EDM. Andi Durrant […]

How it all started: Dance Music’s most i

Dance music hasn’t always been so popular. In fact, the sights and sounds we now associate with the genre were once considered taboo. They were the emblems of a counterculture forced to flourish not in the open, but within the safe confines of dark nightclubs and warehouse raves. So how did electronic music break through […]

Fedde Le Grand’s constant success in dan

Fedde Le Grand is a name that needs no introduction – having soared to dizzying heights of global chart success while winning countless awards and working with and remixing the industry’s hottest artists. the music. So it’s fair to say, Fedde Le Grand is one of the most outstanding figures of electronic music. To produce […]

DJ-producer Sherelle: “I feed off people

Wwearing a fleece jacket covered in black and white acid smileys, Sherelle is a walking embodiment of dance music when I meet her. The 27-year-old from north London and self-proclaimed ‘bocat’ – a Jamaican slang term used pejoratively to describe someone who enjoys giving cunnilingus, now proudly reappropriated by her on her t-shirts – is […]

New Haven artist tackles social issues i...

After being invited to produce numerous dance remixes over the years, electronic artist Ionne (pronounced ee-oh-nay) has withdrawn from the genre. While the New Haven artist loves dance mixes, he also found subjects that resonated with him. The result is a powerful album, “For These Who Remain”, released on June 20th. As a black member […]

Study: Electronic dance music market los...

The International Dance Music Summit has released its annual activity report. This year’s edition focuses on the global impact of the pandemic on electronic dance music in 2020. The overall revenues of four main sectors of the industry – software and hardware sales, music sales and streaming, revenue from DJs and artists, and clubs and […]

Looking for dark electronic dance music

Dark electronic music is simply an exciting musical genre that mixes the best of old-fashioned traditional dance music with cutting-edge new age sounds. It was created in response to the current new style of music that is evolving and growing, and it also owes much of its popularity on the Internet to the World Wide […]

Best Electronic Dance Music Today

The best electronic dance music has been a bit lacking lately in most of the major clubbing areas of the world. New electro and house music seems to have taken the throne as a genre of choice for clubs and DJs around the world. A lot of people still wonder who found the best songs, […]

Learn more about electronic dance music ...

Electronic dance music (EDM), sometimes referred to as electronic dance music, is the application of electronic sound to generate a sense of musical excitement, movement, and an overall sense of well-being. EDM is actually a broad term that includes elements of rock, dance, punk, pop, folk, rap, and rhythm and blues. EDM is sometimes also […]

How to promote electronic dance music gr...

Dark electronic music is truly an exciting genre that mixes the best of traditional classical dance with cutting edge new wave sounds. It was created in reaction to today’s new style of dancing, and it certainly owes much of its popularity to the global web. You can now find it everywhere on radio stations, video […]

Desande is the dance music movement that...

Over the past two decades, club music in Brazil has taken the form of commercial entertainment for the middle class or an aesthetic resource for music creators from different backgrounds – baile funk DJs and rap beatmakers. , for example. Apart from that and the insanely enduring psytrance scene, a number of scenes flourished under […]

New Australian dance music site The DJ R...

A brand new website focused on the Australian electronic and dance music scene has been launched. Based in Sydney, The DJ revolution will cover all the latest news from dance culture, DJs and festivals, with a broader vision of becoming a leading resource for electronic music lovers in Australia and Europe. The website will connect […]

Understand the different styles of fast ...

Techno Trance is among the most recognized names in the modern world of electronic dance music. He was born in the early 80’s when the rave scene exploded all over the United States. People quickly began to copy the looks and techniques of trance music, especially hip-hop and break dance. trance music has a special […]

Electronic Dance Music – What is it?

Electronic dance music, also known as electronic dance music, party music, or just dance music, is a large collection of punchy electronic soundtracks designed primarily for clubs, raves, and parties. Dubbed the ‘new school’ of electronic music because it was born out of a mindset associated with the roots of modern club culture – house, […]

Internet radio stations for electronic d...

Electronic dance music internet radio stations on the internet have grown so much in popularity that many people consider them to be the new way to get music. Now people can listen the way they want and not have to worry about paying a lengthy monthly subscription to a music service. Instead, they can just […]

Top 5 Best Electronic Dance Music Labels

Electronic dance music labels have been a rather new and exciting type of promotion for anyone looking to enter the electronic dance music scene. At first it was quite difficult to find a DJ who actually sold his music due to the fact that all the major record companies had their own styles and images. […]

Tips for Avoiding Security Issues at Ele...

Electronic dance music events are taking the world by storm. It is not uncommon to see thousands of people at these events all over the United States and Canada. If you’ve never been to a rave or an electronic dance music event, you’re missing out on one of the biggest gatherings in modern society. What […]

The best electronic dance music mix

Who found the best electronic dance music mix of 2021? Well you’re in luck if someone did. Because there is only a limited number of people who can come up with something like this. And it is indeed a very difficult task to find the best EDM to accompany any song. It can be weeks […]

Electronic dance music from the 80s | A...

Electronic dance music has become an important part of popular music since the 1980s. Thanks to the Internet and websites like YouTube, you can now download and watch videos of vintage dance pieces. Many DJs have a collection of classic tracks that they play at parties, nightclubs, and other events around the world. If you […]

What is electronic dance music?

What is electronic dance music? Electronic dance (or EDM) is music that has been recorded and contains elements of live dance performance. Many artists create their own forms of electronic dance music and DJs around the world. Electronic dance is also sometimes referred to as hip-hop, breakdance, pop dance, urban / hip hop, space dance, […]

Meme songs in electronic dance music

When it comes to electronic dance music, the trend is to move from DJs to producers and sometimes back. The new wave is made up of producers who sound for fun and are influenced by the new age. He is also very influenced by break dancing. However, producers of all genres are starting to realize […]

The best electronic dance music mix of 2...

So you stand in the middle of the dance floor, you are excited to go out that night with your friends. You listen to high quality electronic music and want it to sound great when it’s happening in the club. But the problem is, you have no idea how to get the perfect electronic dance […]