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Sony Entertainment Television’s popular Tara From Satara has impressed audiences since its inception, with its eye-catching storyline and unique concept of Dramality, which is the fusion of drama and reality. The show gives us a glimpse into the camera life of any reality show.

Tara of Satara is the story of a young Tara girl, and her journey from being aimless to finding purpose in life. Known for its concept of dramaturgy, the show wowed audiences with its unique script.

According to the plot, Tara enters as a generic competitor in Dancer no. 1 and she is now committing to defend her Baba and make her dreams come true. However, Tara’s motive is to win the reality show, but since she’s not a dancer, we help her pick out a few dance styles that she can learn and beat her competition.

Bharatnatyam –

Tara, who is not a dancer, can first try to learn Bharatnatyam, which is one of the well-known dance forms in India. He is known for the tenderness of his expressions, his graceful poses and the beauty of the dance steps. Dancers wear anklets during the performance, which consist of many attached copper bells. Tara can try to get closer to bring the trophy home.

Kathak –

Kathak, one of India’s most elegant dance forms, revolves around the concept of storytelling. Kathak has been featured in many Hindi films including the iconic Pakeeza, Mughal-e-Azam, Shatranj Ke Khiladi, and they can be a source of inspiration and reference for Tara. She can learn the movements and expressions and master the dance form.

Belly dance-

One of the unique forms of dance that Tara can learn is belly dancing and it is one of the modern dance types. It is characterized by sudden, rolling movements of the abdomen and hips. This dance form features different types of dance moves, depending on the region and country in which it is performed. Tara can try her hand at fitness to reach her ultimate goal.


Although contemporary dance is a very complicated type of modern performance dance, if Tara learns it, she will surely win the dance competition in Dancer No. 1. Adopting a difficult dance form will bring her closer to the final race. In contemporary dance, choreography is king. Learning from a contemporary dance teacher will help Tara perform the dance moves correctly.


The cultural history of India would not be the same without the strong influence of the Bollywood film industry which has promoted Hindi dance music to the world. Created as a blend of traditional Indian music, Hindi dance traditions from the Indian subcontinent and techniques from the Middle East, Bollywood dance is characterized by elaborate choreography, energetic movements and dances involving a large number of participants. Considering that Tara is a bindaas girl, she can surely learn this form easily.

Well, Tara can learn these dance forms to achieve the ultimate goal of winning the title of # 1 dancer.