• University professor Elizabeth Leiba raised awareness among social media users about the origin of the Xibelani dance, also known as the Southern African twerk.
  • Elizabeth said the dance has evolved just like other African dance styles that have been around for many centuries.
  • She shared an adorable video of a few ladies doing the Xibelani dance and many people on social media responded.

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A university professor identified as Elizabeth Leiba took to social media to discuss the origin of a dance style called Xibelani that people also call the Southern African twerk.

Leiba, who shared a video of some women dancing and twisting their waists on her LinkedIn page, said the Xibelani dance is an indigenous dance by the Tsonga women of Limpopo province in southern Africa.

Young women doing the Xibelani dance. Photo credit: Elizabeth Leiba
Source: UGC

Where does the name of the dance come from?

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According to Elizabeth, the name of the dance comes from the Xitsonga language and can be translated as “hitting a rhythm”.

In his words:

“African dance styles vary among tribes and nations, but all are deeply rooted in rituals and history.

“The drum is a crucial part of African tradition. It could be considered the heartbeat of the tribe.

“Besides the drum, African dance is also characterized by the clapping of the hands and the stomping of the feet.”

The professor said Africans brought dancing with them to North America during slave times, but they were not allowed to dance.

She said:

“However, they found ways to adapt their dance and continue their traditions despite their circumstances.”

According to Elizabeth, these African dances have remained with the people for many centuries and have since evolved into some of the most popular dance styles in the world. Some of them include Charleston, Tap, Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, Twist, Hip Hop, Crunking, and Twerking.

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Many react to this

Monique Y. said:

“I like the name ‘Xibelani’ a lot more than ‘twerking’.”

Martin Pratt commented:

“Kerryann I. A lot of the dances we do here in the US have their origins in Africa, literally every hip move sometimes matches, you can tell which tribe is a Black American or even which black community has roots in Africa thanks to their local dance. “

Aaron J Fulton wrote:

“Twerking is like mum Xibelani’s rebellious daughter. Lmao. Just kidding. It’s amazing how the dances have evolved over the years. Thanks for sharing. Elizabeth Leiba, I’m becoming one of your biggest fans . Thank you for sharing.”

Dr Tana M. Session said:

“I love my people! I can’t wait for my trip to Africa in December! “

Lady impresses a lot with amazing legs in heels

In other news, a lady got many people talking after showing off incredible dancing skills in a viral video that was shared on social media.

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In the video, the lady was surrounded by a lot of people who were impressed with the dance of the legs in heels.

The young woman wore a short dress and danced effortlessly to the excitement of her audience who kept screaming.

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