Art lovers can now consult the beautiful exhibition on the Katara website.

Kuwaiti artist May Al Saad presents captivating pieces that capture the divine rhythm and movement of Gulf dance at Katara’s new virtual exhibition.

The solo exhibition “Voice of Color” features around 30 pieces by talented Kuwaiti artists and can be viewed on the Cultural Village Foundation [Katara]website or social media accounts. Each piece features tasteful details that are evident through the artist’s use of vibrant colors, all blended in an attempt to convey the feelings and beauty of Gulf dancing.

Al Saad has a unique and distinct style that sets her apart from other artists, with each painting offering a glimpse into the distinctive life of Gulf societies and culture.

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In this exhibition, his work embodies the nobility of traditional Gulf folklore and reflects the region’s rich heritage. From the start of his artistic journey, Al Saad has reflected his love for traditions and culture through his work.

The Kuwaiti designer is self-taught and has acquired an important place in the Arab art world, her work being presented in several solo and group exhibitions in various countries.

Al-Saad also became famous for his unique use of color and his connection to Arab culture, which the artist uses to capture the rhythm and movement of different types of dance styles.

His remarkable career has been recognized significantly in his home country, Kuwait, with a number of accolades and awards inside and outside the country. Prominent collectors have also purchased a number of his works.

Katara has worked tirelessly to ensure that the community has access to art despite the challenges posed by the pandemic and its restrictions. The institution engaged the public using several online activities.

Dozens of virtual exhibitions have been organized by the Cultural Village, including “Prism” by Iraqi artist Falah Al Saeedi, “Fine Arabic Calligraphy” by six Turkish artists, “Portraits” by Qatari portrait artist Eman Al Sulaiti, “Fashionable Women” by Indian artist Surabhi, “Trace” by Qatari artist Jawaher Al Mannai and “The Unreachable Mirage” by Qatari artist Masoud Al Bulushi.

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