Wedding videos are one of the most trending clips on social media platforms. Every day there are several wedding videos going viral and one such video that is currently going viral on Instagram shows the bride and groom dancing ahead of their “big day”.

In the video, the couple can be seen shaking their legs to the famous Punjabi song Mundian To Bach Ke during one of their wedding ceremonies to cheers from their families and loved ones.

In the clip, the bride, Shonie, can be seen hitting the dance floor first and showing off her bhangra moves, after which her fiancé Ishaan joins her on the dance floor and kills her with his move. However, the bride gave a tough competition and easily copied all the steps the groom did in heels, leaving everyone in awe.

The video was first shared on Instagram by Bollywood Choreography. “Sorry, Ishaan, but my sister won this one 😉💃,” read the post, revealing that the bride won the dance even though the groom made some forceful moves.

In the video, the bride looked stunning in a one-shoulder blue digital print dress, while the groom looked dapper in a gray floral shirt and white pants.

Since uploading to Instagram on July 10, the video has garnered over 84,000 likes and 1.4 million views.

Many netizens also commented on the video with laughing and heart emojis and some even sided with the groom to declare him the winner.

One user wrote, “❤️❤️ she did this in heels 👠 so you rock,” while another user said, “She won but the guy killed her too he showed up!!! »