A rising act in the electronic world, Carl Langhley is determined to break down all barriers of conventional and typical styles and flourish with his own vibrant hues.

Standing out among other contemporary artists, Carl Langhley quickly established himself as a unique and distinct creative powerhouse. Renowned for his idiosyncratic styles when it comes to music videos and track curation, the up-and-coming artist delivers a heart-pounding performance with his new drop, “VAX NO VAX.”

Released for the public on September 8, 2022 on the artist’s official music platforms, “VAX NO VAX” is an inviting, compelling and seductive musical composition. Complete with catchy beats, switches, intoxicating beats and a smooth flow, the new single is a staple from an artist who’s here to stay!

Describing the conflicting and difficult choices everyone faced whether to choose to “vax” or not, the scintillating new single takes listeners through an alternate reality full of intrigue and excitement. “VAX NO VAX” paints a vivid and visceral picture of a pandemic saved by an alien invasion. With its creative, bizarre and utterly captivating narratives, Carl Langhley’s new single hits all the right notes.

“Listeners love my song. My song is unique because it’s the mix of choosing to vax or not to vax and also features aliens coming to stop the “pandemic,” Carl Langhley says of his new track.

With his future plans focused on touring the world and showing off his drive and style to the public, Carl Langhley aims to release his latest single, “COME INTO MY WORLD” soon. He hopes that his original musical content can become a cultural moment and that his art will be appreciated by the public and publicized by the media.

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Carl Langhley is a seasoned, dynamic and knowledgeable electronic and dance music artist and producer. The artist marked his entry into the world of music in 2000 and has since continued to create memorable records for the public. Apart from his art projects, Carl is also a DJ who continues to stun fans with live performances. He plans to travel the world, performing his tracks for fans around the world.


Youtube: https://youtu.be/8eU0pjZmZok

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